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Author Topic: Various new listings pop up on AdultWork all with same postcode ? price etc  (Read 686 times)

Offline chilly

Can anyone explain why this would be ?
A load of new profiles are listed not far from where I stay   , all have the same price ..£60 for 15 mins
Most of the girls listed are Brazilian

All have the members as last logged in : yesterday

I take it these are fake but what's the scam ?

Online Happyjose

Might be B&S, and/or a travelling harem. No private gallery or webcam so can't see it from that angle.

Edit: the latter profile claiming Glasgow, the first Yorkshire
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Offline sushi

A travelling circus of Romanians has set up camp in your area, they travel around enmasse stay until they're exposed as rubbish and move on. She calls herself Brazilian yet shows up Spanish on her AW profile that proves nothing but it it only the Romanians that show up in groups of up to 10 at a time Ive seen them pop up  in my post code recently until they decamped and moved to Leeds. Liars and cheats the lot of em.

Offline chilly

Thanks , so bottom line

Avoid like the plague ?

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