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Author Topic: Unusual Happening or Rituals  (Read 975 times)

Offline The_Don

After reading   this thread  it got me thinking.

What unusual things or rituals, do punters get up to at punts?


Offline PLeisure

I do like to bite those fresh young puppies. Have to try and restrain myself, though... don't want to put the girl out of commission with odd bruises.

If any of you happen across a young WG with bite marks or purple bruising, you'll know that Drac woz 'ere first

Offline comaminion

Well not during but before i go smoke a menthol  and a song on my mp3 to loosen up
Maybe some slayer or metallica
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Offline Sonny Crockett

I have no rituals during a punt, but on the very day itself, pre-punt, I take my Tibetian Herbal Supplement, then don't eat anything leading up to the punt, except for a couple of soft drinks!!!!!!!
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Hang around on the street looking fucking uncomfortable while waiting & waiting for a text.

Always wear the same socks, don't know why but it's ritual now

Offline DG

Always wear the same socks, don't know why but it's ritual now

Interesting comment. I don't wear the same socks but since my regular girl commented about a particular pair of colourful stripy socks I wear, I always wear slightly more flamboyant ones than I would wear to work. I therefore make a point of trying to wear a different pair each time I see her. She seems to like it anyway. The habit now extends to all punts.
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