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Author Topic: Isabella - Amour  (Read 1764 times)

Offline Nilmalith

Hi was wondering if anyone has met Isabella yet.


Is she the same Isabella that used to work for Diamonds or is she brand new to the escorting game?

Thank you
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Offline sentinel

I don't know anything about her, apart from the fact that she has just started with Amour, so I can't help you on that score but I have to say that she does look stunning.  :rolleyes:
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Offline Sar-Major

She does look rather "Fit as a Butchers Dog"  :D :lol: :lol:

 :hi:   :hi:

Offline Uniformad

Just wanted to bump this as there don't seem to be much info on her anywhere  and she does incall.

Offline Bengeo13

Yes indeed, looks the part.
I've been following her progress or rather lack of it
For someone who is available a lot, based in Gateshead and offers incalls there's a surprising lack of feedback, and only a single remark on the Amour site.
Someone is going to have to step up to the challenge!
I know just the fella!

Offline timt231

I've been and seen Isabella. A couple of times actually. Amazing ass and body. Great dancer. First time I went pussy was nice and right but most recently it's got a lot more lose. But I guess that's what happens in the game. She is definitly worth going to see tho. She's Brazilian. Completly shaved. And amazingly beautiful figure

Offline timt231

She used to go by diffrent names in diffrent sites. Prob why not
Much on her about her

What is on offer, does she do french kissing? OWO?

Offline timt231

Nope and nope. Just the basic. But is very beautiful and sexy. But yer she's not a kinky girl or anything

Offline timt231

She used to be sahara on pink ladies escort but her profile not there any more. Are a couple of reviews on here under them names tho. Also is Aimee in ukadultzone. Can buy some pics of her boobs and pussy there if u wanna see what all is like before you go. http://www.ukadultzone.com/FemaleEscort/Gateshead/Aimee/49052.html

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