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Author Topic: Sorry to the unsuspecting Punter  (Read 895 times)

Offline ianp1976

I was out and about at work this weekend when appointments all finished early and I thought I would treat myself.

Unable to find an independent available close enough for me to make it to them enjoy myself and back home without being late, I call up a local massage parlour (Manyana in Birmingham) found out who was available and then asked who I should chose for some humiliation.  (I occassionally like this any I had been watching some Femdom porn earlier..hence my request)

Some very good banter with the lady who answered the phone and some good comments being shouted from the girls in the room (seemed they were all in the mood to humilate me), excellent, I explained I would be with them in 15 mins, very excited and horny, turned the car around and off I went.  Half way there, call comes in, have you finished, when will you be home...due to circumatances impossible to explain away another hour and half (I am a crap liar.)  So turn around and back home I go.

Perhaps I should have called, but it was a parlour and I'm not sure its necessary.

It did make me smile all weekend when I thought about that unsuspecting punter that walk through the door at about 5.30pm on Saturday to a gaggle of girls verbally humiliating him and I can only imagine what else.....(lucky bugger!!)

Oh and if anyone from Manyanas is reading this I did have every intention of coming along, sorry I should have called, you can punish me next time I visit.
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Offline RedKettle

bloody annoying when that happens - I had exactly the same on the way to a punt and answered the phone and could not think quickly enough when asked (told) to be home soon to sort some issue with kids.  I did phone to cancel with the girl but have not been back since as probably labelled as timewaster.

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