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Author Topic: im curious about this one?  (Read 1015 times)

Offline Ipunter

Well... The photos are photos of photos.  (Did I say photos enough)

Her main photo doesn't look like a 47 year old woman...

No feedback

Doesn't offer bareback

Not sure, I'd send her a message and see what sort of response you get... Try and have a phone call with her.

She is "getting on" a little bit and may not be 100% on a computer.  TOFTT
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Offline CoolTiger

Appears to be part of the same set up that we have coined "groby girls". a pimp manages their profiles, quite a few girls in there. Difficult to work out which are genuine, as they refuse to take phone calls and insists on texts only. Raddy recently saw one of the girls and left a positive review on her.

Search on here under "groby".

Offline RedKettle

don't recognise but doubt photos are genuine - does not look 47.


I am not an investigative expert on these matters, but here is my take on this

I have seen CockSuckerOnMyKnees and she is also My Mouth 4UR Hot Cum and this new profile seems very similar although fake tits are bigger on the new profile
As CT said the service I received from CockSuckerOnMyKnees was excellent Very good indeed, I told her after the meeting that she was good and that having 2 profiles did not go down well on here with the guys who read UKP, and I also suspect since my visit there are possibly 3 profiles and a couples profiles + possibly this one....

There is a bit of a story with this for me because I spotted My Mouth 4UR Hot Cum in the early days of my punting career but the pic she uses is very much like a friend of my missus....so I never was tempted    :D
CockSuckerOnMyKnees attracted me with the scenario that her husband worked away and the profile pic was very pretty, when I purchased PG pic for both accounts I spotted moles around her pierced belly button (the same for both profiles)
Anyway I am sure more info will come to light

Oh and it makes me smile when I drive by the location on my way to the motorway and I see a slightly overweight grey haired chappy entering the property with a look of i am going to get my cock sucked hard for the next 30mins or so.......  :cool:


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Offline RedKettle

My wife has a few friends that if I could find a WG who looked like them I would be in there like a shot!!


It was just to risky, her friend had false tits, and the pic looks just like her, but i wouldn't go there with your knob never mind mine... :D
Anyway, Sarah uses other pics to preserve her identity.... naughty really, but she is not unattractive and delivers a very good service
I have found her couples link... interesting for those who want to dabble....

https://www.adultwork.com/2163107 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mr+%26+Mrs+CockSuckers

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