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Author Topic: ANGEL_123 AKA Sensual Tammy  (Read 260 times)

Hi guys long time lurker (2 years).The forum and members have saved me money and headache aswell as help me find some great girls hence I would like to return the favour.

I once saw a girl in east ham called (sensual tammy) a Brazilian that was amazing but unfortunately she went back and fourth between London and Scotland and sometime last year she shut her old aw account down and her personal website and vanished.

Well it seems she is back and is trying to rebuild a new profile. I really want to see her again but she no longer does incalls and i am married guy so setting up a hotel meet is not worth it.

https://www.adultwork.com/1532977 or https://www.adultwork.com/ANGEL%5F123

She has plenty of feedback on here as sensual tammy just thought I would give a heads up to you guys  :thumbsup:

Also I understand if some of you guys may think I am her pimp or her and that is understandable. Hope to contribute to the reviews section as well

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