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Author Topic: North of Scotland  (Read 714 times)

Offline bob149

Hi, new to the site after lurking for a while. I'm heading up to the far north of scotland at the end of the week and fancy indulging in at least a massage but hopefully one with the chance of a bit extra. Can any of you more experienced guys recommend anywhere that's north of Perth but not in Dundee or Aberdeen (I'll be going up the A9) Cheers

Offline WinterSoldier

Big Ronald McDonald from the clan McDonald will let you put your hand up his kilt for a fiver.
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Pretty much a wasteland for punting until you get to Inverness which, even then, is piss poor, then back to wasteland after that. I've never found anything worth shagging it the backwoods (well, nothing that wasn't wooly  :yahoo:). Stick to the cities.

Offline BB1984

Bob someone mentioned this one the other day https://www.adultwork.com/2914122 saying she was good. Ive been with Nikol https://www.adultwork.com/1952540 shes quite attractive but lacks any conversation and wants ya in and out as quick as possible.

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yeah the first one he posted i had a great punt with.  been wanting to go back but not had the chance

GAve me a good oiled rub down if you like that sort of thing.  And tits are much bigger and better than her pics

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