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Author Topic: Amber Premiumselect, Cardiff, North Rd, Incall  (Read 803 times)

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Offline thatguy

Top end of North Road, next to Dr Surgery

Date & Time:
24/05/15 11.30pm

Agency run house with security. Today the security were proper taking the piss. Seems the agency are run by chavs!!
All I could hear were them laughing and joking and boozing whilst I was fucking. Luckily I don't give a fuck and I'm not shy!

The girl:
Size 8-10
32 C-D, not firm and full but not too saggy either. proper teenage pink nipples
Shoulder length hair, colour as depicted on profile.
Average looking lady. Nothing special.
Covered in some nice tattoos and genuinely wears glasses.

30 min


OWO, DFK, Normal sex in various positions.

How legit:
the girl in the photo is the girl you'll meet.

I booked Amber last week to ensure I would get her. Due to a change pf circumstances I found myself back home a tad earlier, which meant I could re arrange for an earlier RV. But mr helpful wouldn't answer the phone after he text to confirm that I could see her earlier. I used my landline as deception and he answered. So basically, he was ignoring me. Clearly not the best way to run a business.

The meeting:

Amber opened the door in plain clothes as seems to be agency policy. Fairly attractive young girl and I was horny as fuck then so she could have been a tad uglier and I would have still gone for it. We went to the room and I sorted the queens out for her and got naked.
She started with some decent kissing, which btw was nice. But I'm not really into the whole pretend I'm your girlfriend bollocks. So I just forced her head down on to the purple headed cavalier. she spent a good 10 minutes really sucking on it, and I'd say its among the best from that agency so far. On with the rain coat and she climbed on top. She seemed to enjoy it but I was bored, so I force her down got her flexible legs over my shoulder and delivered some pain. I was trying to really go for it. Which she took rather well. I spun her around and smashed her from behind. She tried to run away a couple times, but that weren't happening. After a while I got bored ripped off the coat and fired my we stuff all over her rear end.
A successful fuck.

Good punt. I'll give her a positive as she's a nice girl and a good fuck. But the agency are hit and miss.

Would I return:

Will I return:

Only one more girl to see with this agency, then I can say I've fucked all the female staff !!

Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

I've been looking at that Jess for a while? Have you gave her whats for?   :hi:

Offline extraa

Been looking at Amber for a while. Thanks for the review! The location sort of puts me off though. I'm not as upfront as you so would defintiely be spooked by a load of chavs laughing and joking around outside  :(

i used this house last week when i booked another lady through a different agency, same a few people laughing out loud upstairs, the guy who runs this place cant be there at the moment as he runs a tight ship, and this never happens when he is there

Offline thatguy

Portfolio and premiumselect are run by the same guys
Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

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