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Author Topic: Claudiasexy20  (Read 1356 times)

13 review(s) for sweet_viki26 (6 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Flunt

I was tempted to comment on Owwhatanight's review of Claudia but didn't want to hijack his positive.

The last thing this punt was was a neutral, for me it was positive all the way, I really enjoyed my time with Claudia. Unlike everyone else mine was very vanilla, kissing, OWO, RO more OWO and sex in cowgirl, mish and finished in doggy. I did ask about anal but was denied that experience, although I was enjoying the more traditional entry. Overall for £70 a great VFM punt

There are many negatives:

She is at least late thirties
Looks absolutely nothing like the main photo
Her teeth are a bit rotten
The room is grotty with a dirty sheet and smells of stale spunk and BO
Her hair is lank and greasy
No fingering allowed
Declined anal

For anybody reading this you will be trying to work out why it's not a negative, I don't know - she is just a very horny fuck!

13 review(s) found for sweet_viki26 linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline Iloveoral

Did she agree to anal before the paperwork? Or did you not ask?

She does advertise it as all included in the price

I too have added her to my HL from our good friends review but a bit off put now

Offline RedKettle

I am confused as to whether to HL or Blacklist!

Offline Ipunter

UKP reviews aren't looking good...

Offline Flunt

I am confused as to whether to HL or Blacklist!

The difficulty in writing the review was whether to recommend or not. Many previous comments regarding Claudia gave the impression anal was something she usually offered and I never asked until mid punt. She has a tidy figure although not firm and provided a very good session which I enjoyed. All that being said be aware of the negatives, for me she is a solid plan B that I wouldn't mind seeing again but I don't have any plans to rush back up the M1 for a repeat....


Steely Dan's comment, "Yes genuine girl, no scam.  7/10 for looks, 9/10 for attitude and skill. In call location safe but a bit rough - but who cares about the venue?"

For £70 on a wet Wednesday she is worth a visit if you don't mind roughing it a bit. As for anal I get it sometimes and others don't, another day I'm out of luck?

Online Steely Dan

I said no scam before she changed her main picture. With her current picture, it may be a bit disappointing for some. And 7/10 is for a girl her age. Still great service and great price. I confess I have not been back in quite some time, as there are others near by that I prefer.

Offline Owwhatanight

I am happy with my positive because the Claudia I had that day was for me a great fuck & great value for money,

but the Claudia I saw ....did not have rotten teeth but did have a gap which I thought made her look good,she was very clean & fresh, An average size tidy bedroom with TV & scented candles burning, bed was clean neatly made up with a non spunk pale green sheet, I did say she was possibly 35 and looked like the gallery photo in black with hold ups not the main photo,I was told no anal before the shag.

£69 for 1 hour none stop action how could I not enjoy that. The venue that day was near Carrington but I know she works in different houses. It was a great fuck because she is and looks a dirty fucker and I liked that.
Did we see the same girl ? In the same house/room ?

Last month I paid £140 for 1hour with a girl with lots of great feedback on Aw (102) + one review on here and she was Shiet, that was in Essex not East Mids and still to do my review on her.
It's all about individual taste & opinion and like others I have had my share of bad punts.

Online Steely Dan

To note: there seem to be 2 negative reviews for this girl.  But you will note that one is a negative for a different girl, and the punter went and saw her after as a good plan B.  So not a neg for her.  And the other didn't fuck her.  Still a valid review he posts his opinion so good on him.  Of course you stand by your review OWaN, as do we all.

Overall conclusion: great value.  I wish all good fucks were £69 per hour.

Offline Owwhatanight

I do respect your review Flunk

Offline Flunt

Owwhatanight I didn't mean to question your review but I didn't want to agree with your positive and then add a load of negatives at the end. I've tried to make it clear that she is a very good punt, regardless of the value, but I wouldn't want to encourage punters to go and see her considering she isn't the woman advertised, the room smelled and the sheet was not clean. There are also many comments that she does anal but when I saw her we were enjoying straight sex so wasn't an issue. I mentioned it and she said, "No."

The reason I went for neutral review was because of the negatives listed and not that I didn't enjoy the punt!

For anyone reading this if want a very good session for £70 then Claudia is worth a visit, she is not bad looking, her teeth are stained with gaps (a bit rotten?), she has a good body which responds well to the touch and she gets into the session which is more than can be said for many others. I would happily revisit and wish more punts went as well as that one.

However, be prepared for the feeling of B&S when she opens the door, that is Claudia. If she doesn't have the scented candles burning then the room will smell, if you suffer from OCD then don't look too closely at the sheets and as for the comments that she takes a good anal pounding, if that's your thing confirm it first.

Offline RedKettle

this thread shows the value of UKP, it is a really useful discussion about her. 

I think we have got to the bottom of it, even if her's might be off limits  :D :D :D  (Sorry)

Offline Owwhatanight

I did send a text after being with her to change the main photo for another as I thought she looked Asian but she replied it was her....the other pix yes but that is dodgy

Offline Flunt

I think essentially we enjoyed a similarly good punt but I lucked out on the scented candles. Looking at the gallery photos they are most likely Claudia, the issue I have is the photo that punters see when they are searching AW.  :drinks:

Offline Turtle Z

Her teeth are fine and in fact she has just updated her profile pics to prove it.

Offline Owwhatanight

Nice one Turtle  :dance:

Where the fuck did you get that pix? Out of your wallet  :D

Offline Iloveoral

Cute pic that's Deffo the creation of brother and sister sex haha

Looks like someone dug up Amy Winehouse.  :crazy:

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