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Author Topic: Billie Piper???  (Read 2164 times)

Has anyone seen this new young lady? All feedback appreciated...

Offline The_Don

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Offline ratty

Don't forget to give her a 'Rose' - and remember 'The Moment' must be savoured if you meet her :-) .
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Offline pking_paul

Not much in the way of pics to tempt me - but could be good and fresh too??  :cool:

Do post a review if you meet her please.

Offline JimmySW

She's on my hotlist - anyone been brave enough to TOFTT?

Offline Qwerty

Exchanged a few txt messages when she first signed up, but couldn't work out a time that worked for both of us.

After that I had a v busy period with no time for punting - more recently I got back in touch, but no replies.

Just checked out her private gallery as I'm going to be passing through Westbury this weekend... she's not bad looking. Billie Piper is a bit of a stretch (but we knew that already, right?) but she's hot and has a naughty look in her eyes. Might be worth TOFTT.....

Hmm.  Still zero feedback despite the account being set up 2 months ago, and last login on the 7th.

Not putting much effort in?

Offline JimmySW

Still nothing despite logging in occasionally!

Really disappointing...

I had a text exchange with her a few months ago. She wanted to know my age and what I wanted. I responded but never got another reply...

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