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Author Topic: out call advice...  (Read 794 times)

Offline Xlnicklx

So I've seen someone with an agency I really want to book... but she is out call only. I cannot do out call at home. .. so I was considering booking a hotel room for it... but I'd have no intention of actually staying in the room.... what would you recommend?

Just book the room, all hotels take payment at check in and don't care when you leave.

Offline Xlnicklx

Would feel like a bit of a pillock checking out 2 hours after checking in tho haha. Giving back the room key or whatever

Most have electronic cards now so no problem if you take them away, if it is a key just say plans changed, they have been payed along with the WG  so don't care no issues.

Offline AnthG

You could if you are worried just go home for the night and return to the hotel the next day before checkout and hand in the card.

You could also if you wanted to maximize the benefits have an outcall on the day of booking and then book a second girl for the morning prior to checkout time for a second outcall.

Hotels normally say 12pm is checkout time so you could book a girl to come over at 10.30am for an hour.

Offline Xlnicklx

Any recommendations on venues?

Offline Arbie

I've used Jury's Inn Newcastle, Scotswood Road, many times... No issues whatsoever

I'm considering using hotels in Newcastle, so please keep any suggestions coming...

Whites Hotel Jesmond or Juys Gateshead both fine.

Best advice is find a mate looking for a free half hour,

pay him £50 to sit in the car whilst you shake his place to its foundations. Then he can spend his on sloppy seconds or save it for a rainy day

My advice would be pick a chain hotel (premier inn etc) book in with a small bag that you can carry back out when you leave within a couple of hours and it doesn't look like you're checking out. (Backpack)
Leave the Room key in the room when you leave.
I've done it loads of times and have never slept at the hotel. Used for escorts, swing meets the lot.
Never had an issue. They don't care as long as your not upsetting other guests.

Offline Toshiba

you could advertise the room by pm here and a few of us could pay you £20 for 2 hours?

just a thought?  not me by the way

If I could safely arrange an Outcall, I'd be booking this young beaut...


Anyone seen her yet?

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