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Author Topic: Girls in the Wetherby/Harrogate/York area.  (Read 1218 times)


I am from the North East but will be in the Ripon area through most of next week and  hoping to set up a couple of 1 hour incall appomtments.  Looking for more mature and reliable girls in the 28 to 45ish age range for a good GFE with OWO and reverse OWO a priority.  Usually go for independents and have  searched AW and the Yors/Humber board and postings and ended up with these 4 options, in rough order of preference. Don't really want to go more than an hour or so drive (I know the first one is pushing the distance, but quite like the look of her)





I was just wondering if any of you good folks would  cast an eye over the list and maybe  give the benefit of some positive or negative feedback that would help select the best 2.


Jamie D

Offline stevedave

Hi Jamie,

I've not seen any of the ladies above, but have had Megan in my hot list for a while. The others are probably a little old for my tastes.

If you go for Megan, I'd be very interested to hear how it goes!

Offline Ali Katt

If Megan is 28 I will happily pay for both of you to punt her and the travel. If she's 28 make you wonder why she doesn't see men under 35.

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