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Author Topic: Sexy Tina - Thai blossoms Nottingham Ng2  (Read 1822 times)

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Offline Iloveoral

Ok so I started the day pissed off after driving to Beeston to be let down by the Chinese, was about to call it a day and go back to work... Thai lily has pictures taken down of the girl so I imagine there's an issue and not calling to find a munter, didn't fancy the girl at Poni this week so as a last resort called an ad for thai blossoms - girl there this week is advertised as sexy Tina

Comms were good 10/10

Location was hooters car park, flats to the right, very clean, secure, discreet, guided in over the phone as not to knock on doors, talk into intercoms etc to arise suspicion... 10/10

Ok did I mention I was having a shitty day..... It just got a lot better!!!!

The door opens, seriously..... Wow!!!!
This girl is stunning, better than the online photos, she is a size 6, very slim and slender but toned perfectly, here tots are fake, I had to ask they looked so good, not stupid big as thai girls usually do but perfection in a D cup :) for her sheer beauty and figure, she smelt very fresh in body and hair, extremely well maintained 10/10

The action, paperwork out the way whistling 60 for a 1/2, she strips off, omg !!!!
We start by a cuddle and a finger.... No fingers inside I'm told....
No kissing to I quickly find, she wanking the old man and it feels good, gets on top to rub her push on my solder now at attention!!! Nice :)
I suggest oral and find unwrapped it's another 20, This time I'm not digging deep so welly on, nice action for 3-4 mins and she then lays down, I guess it's time to fuck her ? I start licking her pussy and it tastes so clean and fresh, perfect!!!

Sex was amazing, she makes all the right noises and moves, I'm still thinking kissing would make this perfect but she reminds me no...
Backwards and riding me was fantastic, I stick my thumb in her ass, strangely no complaints but I couldn't finger her pussy? Go figure that one!!
Asking about anal as my thumb slides in and out her dinner dumper, she says it's another 40.... To be honest it was tempting but I was struggle to contain my cargo as it was and probably only get a few jerks before lift off if I put it in her bum so I kept my 40 for next time.

After riding me I can see she is slowing down, she gets off and pulls the condom off and starts wanking me with baby oil, now I'm thinking there's still 10 mins left, maybe not I didn't check, I stand up and deliver the goods all over her gorgeous tits, it's been a few weeks so imagine warm yoghurt lol

I'd give the action 8/10 simply because a bit of kissing and a sticky finger would have made it a perfect 10 for me

She offers round 2 within the 30 mins for another 20 but it seemed time to go, will return though certainly!!'

I'd go as far to say probably the prettiest and sexiest lady I've ever met, she looks like my mates wife to a tee so that made it interesting also  :lol:

I'd recommend this one without a doubt, just shame on the kissing/fingers but that's her choice, and she has the right to what she does and doesn't offer just keep this in mind if they are services you require. She's there this week and next.
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Offline Owwhatanight

After reading your review I am going to see if I can get in tomorrow

She Sounds hot

Offline Iloveoral

The pictures online certain don't do her any justice, she's really friendly, genuinely young looking, very slim, pussy tastes amazing, Just remember everything is available but at an extra cost, ideally an hour with OWO and anal would be fun but £160 I'm sitting here thinking it might be worth another go :)

im still scratching my head, no kissing but she will suck your cock withou (for £20).... And no finger in the pussy but it's ok in the ass.....arrrr well.... Enjoy :)

If you pop your bloke to quick you can get another credit for £20 too  :D :lol:

Tell her the guy that asked to marry her recommended you haha, don't ask  :yahoo:
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Offline Owwhatanight

Fuck she must be good if you want to marry her......I thought you were already married ?  :dance:

Offline Owwhatanight

Booked for tomorrow and mentioned your proposal ! she giggled.....speaks good English

Offline X3 Guy


Did you park in Hooters car park then? Are you allowed- don't want to get clamped!!

It sounds good mate might go next week, talking of clamping wouldn't mind her clamping on my cock by the sounds of it!!

Offline CoolTiger

A few years ago, I went to see Lucy, who had a flat next door to Hooters. I ended up parking in Hooter's Car Park for a few hours in the evening and never had any issues. Things could have changed by now.

https://www.adultwork.com/1573004 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7Ewkdlucy%7E

Offline Iloveoral

Yeah I parked in hooter I was only gone 30 mins, there's also across the road (on the street that leads to the train station) parking in a mini retail park with a carpet shop, hire shop etc...

She tells you to walk to the arc and tap something like 31011 into the I tercom to gain access, then block C same again, she's an apartment on the ground floor....

Problem I had was getting out the complex main gate after....
Lucky there was a few workmen around I got him to open the gate with his pass

Offline Iloveoral

I just looked on maps.... Queens road before you approach hooters coming from the station towards London road, on your left is the mini retail park, free parking incase your worried about hooters clamping, though I'm pretty sure they don't know who are customers and 99.9% sure it's illegal to clamp now

Offline Owwhatanight

All I can say is wow !
There are two girls here and the girl I met was so happy, tattoo on her hip, big big nipples & great body. Said her name was Tina.I will do a review later. boy this girl can straddle a good hard cock sucked my cock as she licked my balls.
I too could not get out of the gate and waited for a tradesman in his van.

Offline Iloveoral

Wow was all I could think too

A great find and a great sexy lady, I didn't realise there's was 2 WG's? she said her friend was around to answer the phone when she is busy but you got the right girl with the tattoo :)

Offline Owwhatanight

Wow was all I could think too

A great find and a great sexy lady, I didn't realise there's was 2 WG's? she said her friend was around to answer the phone when she is busy but you got the right girl with the tattoo :)

By the way she told me you gave her a good fucking by thrusting her pelvis back and forwards and indicating you had a big cock. International sign language for sex. All this when I mentioned your proposal. She is there for another week. :D

No trouble parking in Hooters

Offline Iloveoral

I'm thinking of going back for another round before she leaves, there was a really pretty girl advertised there about 4 weeks ago I was buttered not to have found the time to go, will keep an eye out for the girls here now :) last weeks looked horrible but between here, Lilly and Poni gives us a good choice :)

It's been mentioned before that subway cobs aren't the only thing a foot long  :yahoo:  :cool: :D

Did you pay for an extras? I'm thinking I should have gone for the owo, I asked does the hour £100 include anything more and got a cheeky quick no!!

I started licking her pussy, looked into her eyes and said.... I charge £30 for this :D got a giggle :)
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