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Author Topic: never ever....tanya vivast  (Read 1625 times)

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don't bother..
left home on my way to visit her (got the horn) half way there, shit my phone 1st sign, then
the had been a bump had to spin it round (no 2) but when your craving for it only 1 arrow to follow.

girl is the one in the photo but looks better in those than in the flesh, had poodle perm also  :thumbsdown:
got there into the downstairs bedroom/living curtains don't cover the window but what the hell.

came back ready and waiting she climbs on the bed and starts ripping me little man to bits,( ok i can just about take that  :crazy:
she keeps going and going had to say ok that's enough.
no oral then on with the cap  she climbs on board, tits feeling good (drooping) as she riding  me not the best technique but hey ho, spin her round for me on top this is where she changes, come on baby, come on, in here broken english. ok for fuck sake woman (i'm thinking).
shes keeps going on then starts lifting her arms and shaking her head by now him down there was getting bored. i have never ever,even tho iv'e had some shocking romanian experiences  left without cumming but i just did, climbed off flicked the condom across the room (whats up baby) YOUR ATTITUDE. never felt so pissed off
dressed and out in a rage but glad i did.
so guys its up to you but save your money for better girls

Offline bod666

You shat on your phone on the way to see this woman?  :scare:


£80 an hour Romanian I assume? I hate it when they do the whole "cum baby" thing within seconds of you getting your cock in them. Awful experience and awful service.

I'm very suspicious when I see girls at £80/hr - I've never gone that cheap as figure it's too good to be true

 :lol: yeah fetish of mine i gotta stop, too messy  :D

should of said i left my phone at home.
but thanks for the shit spot  :)

I pretty much had no idea what you were trying to say, lol !!!!!

Should of known mate
Romainains are no go area

Sorry to hear that

yeah i know romans are shit, but you  do get some gems out there.
trial and error
with these girls i go 4 a quickie, see what service they give.
then if they deliver i consider spending a bit more next time.
onto the next one  :D
poles/czech are where the monies spent
she's now on a/w

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