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    Author Topic: Sheng or Sarah?  (Read 4794 times)

    Offline Rising

    Has anyone got any contact details for any of these ladies?

    Where can I find Shang please

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    there you go hope this helps

    Offline PedroT97

    Sheng appears to be away at the moment and her voicemail says she's back on August 24.

    Offline lodger

    I visited Sarah once and being a skinny chap with no padding her very hard massage especially on my  legs nearly had me in tears. HE was really good though very attractive girl also.
    Shengs soft and sensual massage with lots of finger play around my bum hole was the best i have had anywhere would recommend before Sarah.

    Sheng is in China for a relatives wedding will be gone a while. Sheng is the best, her teasing is just out of this world. massage is great also

    If you don't like hard massages then tell Sarah you want a sensual or sexy massage. She doesn't mind as she is getting your money. Remember that's all they want. I can tell her other technique is good.

    Offline Somsom

    Anyone got a link for Sarah please ?

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