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Author Topic: should wg who advertise bb be made to have regular health checks?  (Read 1074 times)

Offline shagbambi

Manadatory testing would benefit punters who engage in DFK, OWO, RO and Rimming.  It would lower risks to them and their other sexual partners (paid or unpaid).

I do not condone BB, and think that anybody that pursues it is nuts, but testing is not just about barebackers.

The argument that the prossie could have been infected between tests is valid, but by systematiclly enforcing regular testing the probability of this is lowered.  In some jurisdictions the testing is weekly not monthly. 

Offline Stiltskin

To make this work you'd have to force the punters to get tested as well, just as the porn industry does. That's not going to happen.

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