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£60 one hour. Great vfm.

If I say that the photos do not do Sharon justice you may not beieve me. I think that she is charming, cheerful and randy. She does not see well without her specs but she took them off and I did not see her wearing them. I took mine off also but I am less myopic than she is. She is also not very tall and a little wide - I write tactfully, she is a small BBW, maybe a size 16 or 18. Great breasts, nice firm tummy without overhang. For someone of 52 years old she has a remarkable sexual energy.

I saw her profile, emailed her, received her number, called her and we had a cheerful friendly conversation. Arrangements made for a week or 10 days ahead so I needed to reassure her that, yes, I would turn up on the appointed day. Texted her a day ahead. I had the postcode and eventually arrived in a nondescript postwar estate in the Goldington area of Bedford. Do not go there without a Google map or satnav. Parking easy.

She greated me in ‘normal’ clothes, t-shirt and skirt I think I was not paying attention, but saw her boobs swinging through the shirt. Quick kisses and grins. She smelled clean, no perfume by request. Money done, short chat on the sofa, quick pee and off to the bedroom. Everything quite clean but obviously threadbare. She had been on the site for a short time and had 12 visitors in her first week. Not bad going.

Under the duvet and snog snog snog fondle. Mister happy was hard like a golf club with no touch from her hand, just close proximity. I fingered her for longer than I ever fingered anyone. Two fingers inside sometimes, a little finger down the rear end sometimes, but mainly fondling her labia and clit and her whole body rose and fell rapidly and rhythmically for ages until a climax. I never saw anything quite like it. I went down on her and we did it again with my mouth full.

Having estanblished that she is not a vegetarian she then sucked me for a while and then 69 with my face buried between her capacious thighs while she sucked me some more and somehow fingered my prostate through my perineum. She knew what she was doing. She sat on me for a while but I was not in very deeply so I stood up and woof woof, entered her deeply from behind to a wonderful long shuddering dogged orgasm. Phew, collapsed on the bed and rested and chatted.

Do not worry about a slight limp from some surgery on an ankle. She wore some knee length stockings. There was absolutely no impediment to her in the bed. I did not discuss the peculiar profile photo with a ball gag in her mouth.

She was concerned that I was happy, yes I was.

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