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Author Topic: SophieFox - Stevenage (but tours)  (Read 742 times)

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Offline Hertsgent


So was trying to abstain for a week, and doing well, but SophieFox caught my eye in terms of profile, pictures, and AW feedback (in a short space of time), although limited UKP feedback and a little pricey for my usual cheapskate tastes! In addition, Sophie is British, and in my experience Brits are on balance less vfm than my voyages around Eastern europe (a personal preference I'm sure).

I was holding out well, but Sophie stayed for 3 days.....by the third day my cock took over proceedings and texted enquiring as to availability. He was delighted to get accepted for a slot, with the head going for 30 mins as a first sighter (£70), location one of the usual hotels.

I turned up with low expectations (couldn't be as good as the profile surely). Greeted by a very attractive tanned lady with great figure and excellent assets (enhanced, but not excessive). Sophie was chatty (would put anyone at their ease), shared a laugh or two (no not me dropping my trousers....), and got the paperwork out of the way, before stripping off.

Ok, so now began a rather excellent experience over the next twenty minutes or so (probably closer to 15 - I'm usually a pretty good "holder", but I beg anyone to hold out too long before the vinegar strokes with Sophie). Encompassed good kissing, OWO, RO, face sitting, toys, penetration. The OWO was very highly skilled (I had to concentrate very hard on something else), the whole general experience was frenetic and Sophie was really into her work!

Overall a great experience - one of the best I have to say in about 80 punts in my 18 month punting career (yes, I am reviewing now to share). Confident, slightly dominant woman, but I imagine can play any role. Done up in a sort of fake beauty kind of way (enhanced assets, full lips) but not overdone. So, fantastic body, good company, dirty and confident - I think I will be taking another trip when Sophie is back in the area and might see where an hour takes us next time, so long as I've had three shredded wheat in the morning.....

Hope this helps

6 review(s) found for SophieFox linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Siadwel

Certainly does help. I've clocked her profile in Chav Central a few times and wondered.

On the 'Maybe' list. Maybe when my finances have recovered from a frenetic four months of punting.

Thanks.  :hi:

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