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Author Topic: Suggestion for tomorrow  (Read 626 times)

Offline mcb

Fancy a punt after work tomorrow. I like younger girls, under size 12, and with OWO on offer. Any suggestions?

Offline sentinel

There's loads, just get off your ass and ring one of them up.

At least three local agencies and dozens of indies on Adult Work.
Banning reason: Fluffy dick

Offline AnthG


She is down as working tomorrow (but she has a habit of vanishing from the available lists at the last minute which is infuriating)

In my opinion she is up there with Tori Taylor as by a long way the best in the entire north east and she is easily right at the top of my list as the best I have ever seen. And I do not say this lightly. (I haven't seen LilyD so cannot comment about her though who everyone else says is the best in the north east and probably is).

With regards to the OWO, if you do want to see her, maybe PM her on the forums in advance and ask about the OWO as it seems its at discretion (or as people suggest, she does it if she finds out you are a UKP member - not sure if thats true but that is what some are suggesting).


Offline mcb

Thanks for a helpful response, Anth.

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