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Author Topic: Lush Marie over King's Lynn way.  (Read 521 times)

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www.adultwork.com/2083983 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lush+Marie

I went to see this girl on the spur of the moment and against the background of my plan A cancelling on the morning of the punt.

Communications ok. Arranged the punt by phone as she shows her telephone number on the days she's working. Location and time confirmation by text.

Probably the strangest venue for a punt in my experience. "Turn off the main road and carry on straight down to the bottom of the track to some industrial units" she told me. So I did. And thought I had taken a wrong turn. But sure enough she works out of a converted industrial unit next to a woodworking shop.

Marie was at the door as she could see I was a bit confused. Went in and commented on the choice of venue. She laughed and told me it was not hers but she works from there three days a week. It belongs to some mistress who uses it for herself and holds parties there too.

Marie was bigger than portrayed in her profile photos. She was wearing black basque and hold up stockings - with the elastic gone and the suspenders on her basque had broken so they kept falling down. Handed over the money - £120 for an hour.

Went into the makeshift boudoir. Double bed in what would have once been an office I guess. Red fabric draped on the ceiling in an attempt to hide the commercial type lighting. Just felt weird.

Services were ok but not great. OWO, RO, sex in a couple of positions, no CIM or facial allowed so came on her tits.

At best this would have been a neutral but for two things that really made me mark it down.

First, Marie clearly suffers from some kind of respiratory condition probably from too much smoking as she admitted. This meant that she wheezed her way through the punt which was really off putting.  Second, the background noises. Now, I thought these noises were coming from the workshop next door. When I asked Marie what the noises were she told me that Mistress had a slave in for a BDSM session and it was him getting a beating!

At £120 an hour it's not the dearest punt but it wasn't great value. Misleading photos (she's a lot heavier nowadays), adjusting stockings all the time & wheezing her way through the hour along with the soundtrack of some poor fucker getting a beating leads me to conclude it wasn't great at £2 a minute in an industrial unit.

Would I go back? No. Would I recommend? No.

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