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Author Topic: Where are the stars of 'Real Uk Dogging 1'?  (Read 1355 times)

Lots of you will remember or own the film 'Real UK Dogging 1' (they made 2 but the first was by far the most popular). It was sold through www.all-amateursdvd.com which doesn't seem to exist anymore. The film features Gangbang Nikki, Bonny, Raunchy Minx, SexySue4u, and Lisa. Since I first bought it I've wanted to fuck 2 of the girls, namely SexySue4u and Lisa. Sue I finally tracked down yesterday - www.adult work.com/18249 and I'll be fucking her shortly, but I've had no joy with finding Lisa. Any ideas anyone?

Online PLeisure

Why don't you ask Sue about Lisa when you meet her

Offline GreyDave

Lucky to of taken part in British Bukkake Babes, Gang Bang Niki party on DVD bigtit bukkake along with others a few years ago at the event I recall her saying she was gonna give up soon ( as many do after they have made a bit of cash). Never got to shag her though some of the other lads did (Steve did you ?) recall a lucky big tooled French lad who did though and was sort out by Sandie Canie for other do`s:cry:
She was a big lass allround and took on 15-20 of us . Often knock one out remembering it. :hi: thanks steve2 for the mamoreres :D :D

Offline Steve2

You are welcome Dave. Lisa was working in a parlour in Stoke on Trent last that I heard

Your link to Sexy Sue doesn't appear to be working.

Sorry - link should be www.adult work.com/18249 . And I will discuss Lisa's whereabouts when I see SexySue4u. Meanwhile the reference to Stoke on Trent is something to go on

Shit - the system is putting a break between adult and work - its not me! I'll try one last time.  www.adultwork.com/18249

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