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Author Topic: Bella Body Rub - Clapham SW12  (Read 2099 times)

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There used to be quite a few massage type AW girlies around Clapham South tube area.  Also with some ads on the likes of gumtree / vivastreet.  Now gone.  The profile has FB - mostly from punters with '0' themselves.  And name changes for the WG.  Met one last year near Clapham South tube - can't remember her name & profile deleted.  Was very good at B2B & HJ.  She must have had a thin landing strip, which was faintly stubbly, as i could feel this when she slid up & down my back & front.   Especially on my front when she was brushing this on little WP. The location is good for me so interested if any intel.  Zip on here at the mo

Offline Stav096

It is a shared ID - the girl is not the original girl that earned all of the reviews. ;)

I went there a couple of times, one with Bella, and the other one with Antonia, it seems that Bella went solo now, she's not listed in SW4 and the two other girls are still there:


What was your experience with antonia like? I booked her a few weeks ago but was cancelled on the day. Still an itch im tempted to scratch! Cheers.

Not bad but not good either, she was very nice and talkative, decent massage and good HJ, nice body as well. However, the whole experience was closer to 45 min than a full hour, it seems they both were in a hurry ( happened with Bella as well) and maybe not being a regular made them treat me differently. So, next time, I'd rather have a proper massage in a thai place, plus the usual £20 for HJ than going back to their flat.

By the by, LiliThai offers two happy endings in an hour and she's a very good masseuse, all for £60.


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