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Had this one in my HL for a while and Friday night was all set to see if those 100's of great reviews on AW were accurate.

Friday night, comms good and all set for a 10pm meet. Driving up M1 and first problem, signs saying the exit slip to her place is closed (Jn 35a?) due to roadworks. Pulled over and advised I would be possibly 15 mins late, no problem and all good, but as I get to the slip road it is still open. Coming off noticed a text notification. Apparently her leccy had run out and she had to go to the shop to buy a card, so can we make it 10.30?

Phoned her, sure no problem and carried on to hers.

Now on her profile she mentions a beautiful village, secluded cul-de-sac, etc. It's in Stocksbridge, and up a hill with roads that look like the moon, seriously worried about my suspension. She actually lives on the corner of a cul-de-sac in a not so beautiful council estate, with the assorted skag heads roaming around. I should have upped and drove off.....

Parked up and waited and texted her. Get an instant reply that shop shut, she's off to next one down, but back asap.

Wait and wait and wait and 30 mins later I see what i think is a man walking down the hill, didn't really establish eye contact....

Texted, no reply.

Another 15 mins go past and I send her a 'fuck you' text and she replies instantly that she's been texting at least twice with no reply and am I coming or not? I ask for the address and am greeted with a reply that I am to walk round the corner and she'll be looking out for me.

At this point called it a night and headed off back home.

A waste of time and petrol, avoid this one, shit area, useless and unreliable.


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Sounds terrible, especially at 11 on a Friday night! I shagged a lass from Srocksbridge once, I hope to never go back...

Thanks for trying, it answers a few questions about her. Classy certainly seems a stretch!

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So annoying!!! I really like her look, but it would be a slight trek for me to get to her and the last thing I need is not even get to see her. I'd be pissed


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Cheers Dave.

She was on my HL....struck off now.

Fuck me you're unlucky. 3 reviews 3 negs. ..

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I'd give it up... Could you share you entire HotList just so I can wipe them off mine haha!

Talk about Extreme TOFTT!!!

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I had exactly this experience. I had good comm's by phone & text with Kelsey. Everything seemed fine and I confirmed that day for a morning incall.

Drove 50 miles and parked at the same hilltop road in good time. Sent a text to get the reply 'Sorry, just texting you ...' and asked me to wait for an hour due to a family emergency. I had a tight schedule and after some texts she thought she could make it in 40 minutes. That was too long for me.

I was going to re-schedule for next week but not now. Judge for yourselves.

It does look as though I have been amazingly unlucky with the laydeeeeeeeees judging by my reviews. That's not the full story though and as such I will post a couple of my better experiences so to prove I'm not a jonah !  ;)

Bloody hell, I've got a booking with her for Thursday morning! Think I'll have to cancel.

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but looking at her pictures, didn't they give you any clues?.. she looks rough as! skinny enough to potentially be a street girl. Had one or two bad experiences with girls in rough areas on outskirts of leeds, so as a rule I won't see any English girl in a shitty area anymore.