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Author Topic: Xxx SEXY KARINA Xxx  (Read 1772 times)

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Offline Powell


Looking at this profile I realised that looking at the pictures, these were not pictures of a 35 yr old.
Still in a state of horny optimism I thought that if she was a more sinuous older version of the pics I was in for a treat.
Phone contact was poor. A shouty interaction in broken english that gave me an unsettling feeling.
The optimistic side won the day and on we went.
£80 half hour
Arrived for the meet, after the door closed I saw what must be a 45 yr old, not terribly attractive woman, with some heavy makeup on. I'm not averse to a woman in her 40s at all, I just felt a bit mis-sold by the AW profile.
After some stilted conversation, I realised it was too late to bolt, so the optimist in me became pragmatist and decided  to carry on and have a quick fuck and go.
Lovely breasts, the rest not outstanding.  She might have been more convincing with heels on and more flattering light. Good fuck though, can't say much about the other services as I , but I got the impression she was well practiced.
The aftermath was further stilted half comprehended conversation with lots of repeating ourselves and a quick exit.

In summary my very lukewarm reaction is mostly due to the high level of expectation set by the pictures, profile, price and age stated.

2 review(s) found for Xxx SEXY KARINA Xxx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Jerboa

So at what point did you think it was to late to bolt? Translation.............you thought with our dick and went on.

Would you say she was still good looking in a milfy way, are the pictures her, i know this is an old thread but she is in my area now

Would you say she was still good looking in a milfy way, are the pictures her, i know this is an old thread but she is in my area now

I haven't seen her myself but all the pictures are total photoshopped bullshit, it's B&S according to her other NEGATIVE review.

Tread carefully my friend and only book 30 minutes  ;)

Offline Danj89

I saw her like 2 years ago as I have seen a friend of hers a few times and thought I would try her out when her friend wasn't in town. As per the review the pics set a way too high expectation and must have been accurate 10+ years ago.

Online king tarzan

Saw this profile while back
Heathrow area had strong inkling nonsense

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