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Author Topic: Cougar-cam Nottingham  (Read 545 times)

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Offline Turtle Z


I have lost two long term regulars over the last two weeks so am on the lookout for a mature milf type WG in the East or West Midlands to replace one of them. With that in mind I made a booking with Cougar-cam. It took me a while to arrange something with her as she has limited availability and apparently generally only sees regulars now. Carina seems like a really nice woman and comms were very good leading up to the meeting. I'm really torn on this one because I quite enjoyed the booking. I'd say her profile is reasonably accurate bar the fact that she is now a bit curvier than in her profile pics, she is very much the busty 50 year old next door. Her tits are definitely much bigger and I didn't mind that at all. She wore what I asked her to wear, gives great OWO and I left feeling satisfied. Sadly it has to be a neutral due to the state of the flat she works from. Clutter everywhere, ash trays full, suitcases, clothes, you name it it was crammed in and the place felt oppressively unclean and cluttered. It is this problem that would prevent me from returning. I like to punt in clean pleasant surroundings  and for those not wanting to leave smelling of cigarette smoke then this would also be an issue. She says her regulars don't mind the mess but unfortunately I did.

2 review(s) found for cougar-cam linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

I have seen Corina a few times and pleased to hear that she has put some weight on, she was nice and curvy when she first appeared on the scene but got abit thin for my liking.

Not the geatest I've seen but is one that I pop back to occassionally. Certainly agree on the OWO, nice eye contact

may give her another visit now she's curvier

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