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Author Topic: renata_4_you, very glad I saw her in Wembley!  (Read 5651 times)

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Renata, if you want travel the world and experience different cultures moving from Wembley to Enfield is not the way forward, trust me!!

 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

if you want to experience different cultures moving from Wembley to Enfield is not the way forward, trust me!!
Agree of course but ironically almost every part of London does haves its own little cultural ghettos where you can actually vicariously experience different cultures! Long live those restaurant choices !
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Several valid and balanced points here, EQ  :hi:

And also, I don't think that she has apologised to smith in he best of manners , so for her to take it so lightly really shows what her priorities are !
In fact, has Renata actually offered smiths any form of an apology yet? Or recompense.
 - Might be that she was overwhelmed by his response.

the fact that the whole "phone switches off " in the last minute has happened several times , so in this casei would also not book her , as time for me is important , and I'm not taking a chance when it comes to a booking , it has to be a 100% or (90%+) reliable and in this case its not .
The fact that a punter would travel a significant amount of distance and later on be told the booking it's not on,etc. but in this case , not even that is done , and he phone remained switched off!

And then there was this little episode.....  :unknown:  :thumbsdown:  :angry: Bad form.

:(My profile has been hacked and someone changed the name renata_4_you in issabella_kiss something !! and I closed my account using aw everything and now I will make a new account with the same name again that I had! Wembley and I have not yet fled the house and I can get back there and just always want to stay a while here in Enfield! Thanks for understanding!  :(

Not only did they hack you, they found different photos to put up of you!  :crazy:

A cunning trick indeed!  :sarcastic:

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