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Author Topic: Maidstone area recommendations needed!  (Read 853 times)

Offline Sagan

Hi folks

So long story short ive come out of a long relationship and i really cba with another right now. I am however in the market for something more... Short term!

Problem is i am 100% new to this scene so i dont really know where to start. The adultwork site seemed reasonable but i noticed people warning that the reviews on there were a load of nonsense.

Long story short, i am looking for some tips for a new person in the area. Where is a good place to start looking? Does anyone have any recommendations for people in the maidstone area - can travel a bit but dont want to go bloody miles.

Beyond specific questions i wonder if the folks round here would be kind enough to give a newbie some tips - warning signs to look out for, dos and do nots etc. 

Much obliged to anyone who responds

Offline rockstar

What sort of girl you looking for ? - girlfriend, escort, young 18 - 25, milf 25 - 45 or older?, fat, athletic, thin, anorexic,  black, white, mixed, asian ?, blonde hair, black hair, bald, etc etc. You need to give us some pointers.

Offline Sagan

Cheers for the response

Looking for a girl between 18 and 30, white or Asian, slightly under or overweight is fine but no extremes. 'Girlfriendish' preferably but just for a quick thing - doesn't need to be a 300 quid courtesan to show off round town with. Any other queries just ask.

Thanks again fellas

https://www.adultwork.com/2300606 Would be a good starter.

Ellie (or Sasha as she used to be known) is excellent quality - I've seen her twice and she'd fit the OP's requirements. Sex with her is very good.

A similar service now at the same rates is offered by https://www.adultwork.com/2389150 (Mia) who I've also seen and enjoyed. They both do light French-kissing. The deal-breaker for you might be that Ellie does OWO whilst Mia doesn't. Neither does CIM, although both allow a finish over their tits. Both have lovely figures and very pretty faces and are English, from Kent. The ages on AW are accurate too.

In fact, fuck it, if you have the cash to spare, see both. That's what I'd do if I had the time and money to spare this week :-D

Offline Sagan

Cheers for the replies guys i will check them out  :) a shame the latter doesnt so OWO though!

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