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Author Topic: A History of Edinburgh Saunas  (Read 8378 times)

Offline ickydicky

christ i never knew of that place
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There was one on Kilnside Road, Paisley, in about '86/88. It advertised as a photographic sauna and I had a nice young girl in there. I got so excited that I  forgot about the photographs. There was Lady Godiva on Cathcart Rd, near Crosshill station. There was Muirend Sauna on Clarkston Road, opposite what is now Sainsburys. I was never in the latter two, and they seemed to shut all of a sudden. I was told that it was due to licensing. It was a bit like the Wild West back then.

My favourites were,

Sauna Royal, Granville St. I can still remember young, pretty, and petite Chloe from there.
The one on Otago St with the red light outside the door. I can still remember Lynn from there. Was that Oasis?
The one on Crow Road.

In about May '93 I saw an ad in the Scotsman for Edinburgh saunas and started wearing the tarmac on the M8 after that.
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Offline benstokes

Femmes at Victoria road. Big Sheena s man rented the place and she worked there, She ended up working up in Buckie in a pub that they ran. Femmes was a good knocking shop lots of variety in the wgs and good receptionists. Only 2 cabins and they were small.Think its an estate agents now. More will come to mind no doubt.

PS  I think that Oasis was in Bath Street, and I still remember Lynn from there. Its incredible to think that there was one in Otago St, complete with a small red light outside the door.

Offline auldie63

There was one on Kilnside Road, Paisley, in about '86/88. It advertised as a photographic sauna and I had a nice young girl in there. I got so excited that I  forgot about the photographs.
The one on Otago St with the red light outside the door. I can still remember Lynn from there. Was that Oasis?
The one in Kilnside Rd. got shut because of the photo crap. The big whore who ran it started charging guys £5 for a shot at a polaroid camera, while they were waiting for a girl to be free, and she would pose for them, but did this in the front of the premises. Unfortunately this had previously been a shop the frosting on the front window didn't go all the way to the top and the door was clear glass, so the people living in the tenements opposite and occasionaly anyone passing in the street could see it all. Naturally this didn't last long and she ended in court.
I think she came from East Kilbride and a short time later it was all over the Paisley Daily Express that she had simply moved her business to her own house and had got raided there too. Thick as shit!
The Oasis was at the start of Bath St. Opposite the old George Hotel and up many stairs, the building got condemned by the Council as it was falling down at the back and that was the end of the Oasis. They tried to relocate somewhere central but it didn't work I seem to remember. Pity, as it was really good with some great girls.

Offline ickydicky

did you ever go to mr simpsons
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Offline auldie63

If that was the one up on Park Terrace overlooking the Uni, yes several times.

Offline ickydicky

that was it. later became aquarius.
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Its very interesting to hear what happened to those two places. Thanks for that, Auldie.

The woman that ran the one in Kilnside Rd must have been in the shit line when the brains were being passed out, as the Yanks would say.

Offline ComeAgain

I can remember 30 walk-in sauna / massage parlours in Edinburgh over the years I've been punting - starting with my first handjob at Fingertips in 1997 during the Firemen's Strike.  If you know of any more, or have memories of any of the ones listed, let's hear them!

1.    Seafield Road East/ Kings Road – Now a house!
2.   London Road ((Near Wishaw Terrace) – Now a Hair Salon
3.   Albion Road – Scorpio
4.   Easter Road – Carols
5.   Ferry Road (Opposite Leith Town Hall) – Ferry Road Sauna
6.   Constitution Street / Coatfield Lane (only open for about 3 months)
7.   Leith Walk / Shrubhill – Barclays Sauna (now the Gay sauna)
8.   York Place / opp Dublin Street – next to a Casino
9.   Hart Street – Newtown Sauna
10.   London Street – LSS
11.   Dundas Street / Eyre Place
12.   West Annandale Stret / East Claremont Street – now a house
13.   East Claremont Street at corner of Melgund Terrace – now a shop – only open for 3 months
14.   Raeburn Sauna (renamed the Gentlemen’s Club!)
15.   Bonnington Road - Sunbed Studio
16.   Roseburn Terrace – Roseburn then Regency Sauna
17.   Torphichen Place – Fingerprints
18.   Torphichen Street – Highland Club
19.   Dalry Road / Orwell Terrace – Blacks Sauna
20.   Dundee Street – Fingertips
21.   East Fountain Bridge (now a Tattoo parlour)
22.   Lothian Road – mbassador
23.   Rose Street Lane – Executive Sauna
24.   Rose Street Lane – Angels  Sauna
25.   Bruntsfield Place opp Monpellier Park – Mayfair Sauna (now a restaurant)
26.   Spittal Street – No 8 – now a Swingers Club
27.   Blair Street – (need any more be said?)
28.   Merchant Street – No 9
29.   Nicolson Street / Nicolson Sq – Kareens
30.   Argyle Place – The Gentle Touch
Wow....I completely missed this post for some reason. Well done to the OP for rekindling some amazing long list memories.
I am trying my best to recollect one that is not already been mentioned.
I don't recall Kareens being a walk in joint, more like a hike up two flights of stairs. If that counts as a Sauna, then I must add the one on Windsor Place? at the Leith Walk end of London Road. Like Kareens, a flat with a number of girls sitting in a lounge. Only went once, as it was outed in the papers shortly after and closed. That was in the days where you had to search the Sunday Sport for providers. No internet those days.

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