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Author Topic: Ella 38dd  (Read 750 times)

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Pos:   Good, polite comms
        Friendly and welcoming
   Body looks in the flesh as it does in the pics


Recently saw Ella for a half hour meet at a hotel in Stratford. I first observed her profile in the tour section of AW, five days prior to our meet. Her PG contains 10 snaps with 3 NN’s and 1 face pic, although two of these snaps are actually included in her open gallery aswell; just under a different tag! Wasn’t put off by the drawn-on eyebrows in the face pic, plus I live in the area which would make it walkable journey, so I called to make meet arrangements.
I got through to her at the first time of asking. She had a friendly telephone manner which was spoken in what I recognised to be an East Midlands accent.  She courteously confirmed all the services I was after: covered oral, fingering and sex. She revealed that she would be at the Ibis – 2 mins from the town centre. Time and date for meet was made over the phone, plus I sent her a booking request (she never confirmed it after the meet :angry:). I texted her the morning of the meet (five days later) to confirm my appointment to which she confirmed back via text, also. Fifteen mins before the start Ella called with the her room location aswell as some information to give the staff in case I’m challenged once inside the reception area. She gave me the name that she was staying under (not Ella) and asked me to give them my name (the name I gave her when I first spoke to her) – I was meant to be her boyfriend.

Fortunately, the lobby was busy and I made my way to her room without any bother. Knocked on the door and she opened up not long after (standing behind the door, as they do). She was dressed in a purple basque with black fishnets, no shoes and her hair worn down. Her face looked a bit wider than in her pic. She wore a little if no slap at all, which I always admire, although her eyeliner application looked poorly done which, in addition to her drawn-on brows, made her look quite scary. Nethertheless, I thought she was a decent-looking 33.

Ella had the same jovial tone that she greeted me with when I spoke to her on the phone. Small talk and banter flowed; during which she revealed to me what she claimed to be her real name (not Ella or the name she was booked under) which I thought was strange given that we'd only just met. Readies sorted and services confirmed, I was offered a drink and use of the en-suite bathroom which was spotless and replete with clean towels, flannels and hand gel. The air-coned room itself was tidy and the queen-sized bed was made up.

We then both got suited; Ella’s body is as described and pictured; apart from some puppy fat around the midriff region (the area BBW SP's never like to show in their photos). She has two discreet tats on her shoulder blade and lower back (slag tag!). As Ella mounted the bed I acknowledged a foul, off mackerel-like odour which immediately told me that this was gonna be a punt to regret. Miraculousy, I managed to get hard enough for her to apply the dom whilst I began breathing through my mouth. Her technique was pretty unimaginative – no deep-throating and very little tongue. She did half-heartedly lick my nutsack, which did feel quite nice. I chose not to finger her as requested, for fear that smell would live on my cuticles forever more.  She quickly lifted her head up to reach for the lube, whilst asking if she could get on top. Ella was responsive with quiet, moderate moans. Her nipples were hard and she did get wet (or should I say ‘sewery’).

She asked what position I wanted next – it was a mystery that there was still blood in my cock. Anway, it had to be mish. I would’ve doggied  it ,but I imagined the smell being more direct from that position. She applied yet more lube before spreading her legs (I was still breathing through my mouth) Ella's midriff made missionary a bit of mission, pardon the pun. She pretty much just lied there; only lifting a hand to move across my chest, once. My stamina was really being tested, given that I was breathing through my mouth and thrusting on what was, at this point, an over-lubbed, jelly mould of a saggy fanny which lay beneath a bouncing midriff.

10 minutes had elapsed of me on top before she politely, but boldly, told me to finish as my time was soon up. I was certainly offended plus I  felt like her whiff was entering my mouth, so I just climbed off and called it a day. She apologised for me not cuming. I told her to forget it before she offered me a shower which I swiftly accepted. During post-punt small talk (in which time she was enjoying a post-punt packet of monster munch) she revealed to me that she is 37 and not 33 as stated on her profile – she definetly had me fooled. She let me out and that was that.
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Offline LL

Looks like one for our other Horizontally-monikered member  :hi:
Had to laugh at her eating monster munch at the end of your punt!

Offline comaminion

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I mean, an SP quick to crack open a packet of crisps post punt - really!?? The bloody tart didn't even offer me one! lol
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