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Author Topic: Not Even Slightly Sweet Lailla - Peterborough  (Read 705 times)

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Offline Natwest

Sometimes you need a punt like this just to remind you that there are very few WG's doing this because they want to have sex with a grey haired old bloke unless of course he is carrying cash. So having wasted £90 for an hour of Lailla, the only satisfaction I can get is to hope that in TOFTT, I can save others from throwing their money away.

https://www.adultwork.com/2872159 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet+lailla

So did the usual checks on UKP and also looked at her feedback. Whilst I take most of that with a pinch of baby wipes, there was one who had common punts with me so I thought he must have reasonable judgement - he lied.

There wasn't a great deal to go on in the way of pictures so I can't tell you whether the picture on her page is her. I would say probably not. She was not unattractive. However she had made absolutely no effort to prepare for the punt wearuing an old pair of slacks and a T shirt. The room itself had torn up bedding to obscure the windows and just an old creaky bed.

I was asked to get undressed as she stashed the money and she returned with 3 condoms (optimist) baby wipes and no enthusiasm. She asked if I wanted a massage which normally I would refuse but wanted something just to get some rapport. She removed her four items of clothing, none of which would have caused any arousal and I saw that she had a bit of a belly and very saggy tits. 18 my arse! Put about 5 years on and you might be nearer.

After the massage she attempted to put a condom on a very unimpressed willy for OW. Realising this wasn't working began a HJ. All delivered with about as much interest as you currently get from a bank deposit account. I asked if I could give her oral. Now I may not be the Worlds greatest lover but I can honestly say she did not move a muscle during the whole 5 minutes before I abandoned it.

We moved on to sex in mish. She declined to go into any other positions. I banged away until frankly I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

Truly up there with the worst and no saving grace whatsoever. The sort of punt that makes you want to never do it again and desperately search for something to erase it from your memory bank. Thank God for UKP where at least you can indulge in some "Review Therapy".


1 review(s) found for sweet lailla linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Siadwel

Fellow grey-haired old bloke here.

Bummer, mate. Only cure for a bad punt is a good one with a tried and trusted, if you have one.

Thanks for the warning, better luck next time.  :hi:

Offline Natwest

Thank you - much appreciated.

I have one lined up for tomorrow so fingers crossed for a positive review. I do have two real favourites but keep thinking I should be more adventurous. Doesn't always work but tomorrows punt comes with good recommendations.

Offline mattboro

Another one off the hit list...shame she's only 5 mins away... On the positives saves me shitting where i sleep i suppose.  Cheers for the warning

Offline Natwest

I think the only consolation in this scenario is that I get to waste £90 but if I save another two or three people the same, when it goes tits up for them they can return the favour. That is why reviews on here are so important. I'd rather not throw my money away but I feel a whole lot better to know a few punters aren't now going to line her pocket..

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