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Author Topic: Outcall hotels  (Read 680 times)

Hi all,

So not sure if there is a post for this somewhere but does anyone have any hotel suggestions? I'm looking to do an outcall with a WG in June and can't decide on what hotel to choose!!

I've been in the Britannia (i think was the name) in Canary Wharf last year, another one near kings cross that i forgot the name up enttirely and in January was in the CitizenM with it's soundproof rooms!
I don't want it to be to expensive and £150 per day is the max I'm looking for. It needs to be in central london area so Waterloo, Kensington etc area. Main thing is it has to be very discrete.

The Britannia or whatever it's name is was very discrete but when I left the hotel room (it was an incall) the maid walked past and gave us a look lke she knew what was going on!

The hotel with the unknown name I hated. This was in december and you could hear the manager in the corridor talking to his handyman about fixing a light. It wasn't really a hotel either more a B&B but bigger i guess. I wasn't very comfortable so within an hour I left despite making a 3 hour booking, though the WG gave me my money back and I did cum (really strongly might I add :sarcastic:) so wasn't all that bad.

The CitizenM is by far the best hotel I've been to out of the 3! It was discrete (though I did walk into the elevator and tried pressing buttons but turns out you need a card to use it. The room was soundproof (I hope! We were quite loud!) and the bed was massive. The shower was great and there was free porn videos which was nice to watch as i got a blowjob! Only issue was the room temp. the AC turned it quite cold after we had taken a few mins break from hard fucking!  :yahoo:

Any suggestions or links to topics already discussing this would be greatly appreciated.  :D

Thanks all,

Offline fredpunter

Discretion is a high priority with you I gather?

Online finn5555

Try laterooms, plenty of hotels on there and to be honest most are so busy you won't stand out in the crowd unless you start fucking in the lift  :sarcastic:

Offline nigel4498

The management of the two hotels you have named will now be on the look out for prossies and punters.
Best not to name hotels.
Discretion is everything in this game.

Offline PLeisure

Discretion is a high priority with you I gather?

  :D    :lol:    :scare:    :manhater:

Offline raylondoner

Must be a wind up, and not very funny - a certain 4 letter word springs to mind!

Offline Ben4454

I think one of the hotels I used to go to they suspected something. Although did not care because I always left the room 2 hours later after getting it and usually in immaculate condition. I even made the bed before I left.  :hi:
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Offline fredpunter

Frequently young ladies I have met never made it as far as the bed

Offline shaved_guy

My experience is, most hoteliers don't give a fuck as long as you do what you want to do in your room.  I have been worried a few times when I have booked a double, single occupancy and then had a screamer that has stayed the night.  The last thing you need is reception coming up stairs to find out your destroying a whore when you've only paid single occupancy.

I've never had a problem yet, stay in your room and enjoy the moment, if there are any hotels in London to be wary of, I'd appreciate a PM warning me.  Why?  I'm always on business and my employers book the hotel, so if it train wrecks it could get very messy!  :hi:

Offline Malvolio

The best way to be discreet is to hide in the crowd, so just book a central London hotel with loads of rooms.

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