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Author Topic: Mia - Pemberton Row - Sexy Blonde Minx  (Read 1185 times)

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Offline Zurada


Tl;DR – Lovely blonde pixie, gentle kisser, more sensual than aggressive, cute little moans and a really tight pussy.

Services Provided – Standard GFE
 - DFK – Excellent – Soft lips, lovely tongue that danced with mine, and keeps going without losing interest or intensity.
 - OWO – Very Good – She doesn’t do deepthroat gagging, but she has excellent tongue work and will let the tip slip in further once in a while, all while maintaining eye contact and some ball licking as well.
 - Outfit – I asked for a simple shirt and panties, I got a simple shirt and panties. Nothing worth rating.
 - 69 – Excellent – Very responsive, would occasionally grind back, not to mention she tastes wonderful.
 - Cuddling – Excellent – She is good at cuddling, kissing my neck and cheeks softly, nibbling my ear, stroking my body, she does all the right things at the right time.
 - Protected Sex – Excellent – Very tight pussy that pulls you in, she doesn’t do double underhooks for her knees, but she is so tight it doesn’t matter what position you’re in.

Looks –
 - Hair – Shoulder length blonde, long enough to grab a couple of handfuls as she sucked my cock.
 - Face/Make up – Not excessive, light lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, standard pretty look
 - Clothes – As mentioned above, inconsequential
 - Breasts – Lovely petite, I personally love tiny, mosquito bite sized boobs, she’s half a handful I’d say.
 - Waist – Slim, toned, very little flab, now worries about photoshopping, she’s fit.
 - Ass – Plump without being excessive, not an outstanding asset, but that’s not what I’m looking for anyway.
 - Legs – Long and toned, she won’t tuck her knees behind her ears, but they are nice to touch and stroke.
 - Feet – Clean, well kept.

Comms –
 - Booking – Standard, gave me directions to her approximate location, then called me for detailed directions.
 - English – She can hold a conversation, though she doesn’t try to pretend to be interested and only replied politely.

Establishment –
 - 10-15 minute walk from Chancery Lane Station
 - Lovely basement apartment near Farringdon, spacious, quiet, lovely décor.

The Narrative – How the session went

Upon arriving at her basement flat, I was greeted by a sexy blonde minx that beckoned me in. Paperwork and refreshing out of the way, I got naked and onto the bed.

I had a pretty rough week so I just took my time, relaxing with her close to me, barely touching. She asked me if I was nervous, and if I’m alright, and I explained I was just enjoying the start of my unwinding.
Eventually, I pulled her in for a snuggle and kissing session, and she responded with gusto. Her soft lips were a joy to kiss, her tongue a silky snake that caressed my tongue, slowly at first then it sped up slightly as she mounts me and pushed down on me.

After 5-10 minutes, she slowly slid down my chest and stomach, kissing and teasing the whole way down, and finally, she started licking my cock like a lollipop. She alternated between kissing the tip, licking the shaft, and sucking on my balls expertly, paying the right amount of attention to each part, all while she looked at me in the eye or with my hands in her hair. She took her time to make sure she gave the best BJ she can muster.

Then we moved on to 69, and it was a great pleasure for both of us. The angle meant she can swallow more of me easily, and I had access to her lovely snatch. Lovely soft folds, a very prominent clit that made her squeal and moan if attacked, and a tight asshole that was nice to rim.

Occasionally she stopped sucking my cock to savour the feelings that emanated from her lady parts; the way her breath quickened and muscles shook when she approached her climax was incredibly cute, and when the moment finally came, she ground her pussy into my face, a very sexy cum for her, and I got a cute little “thank you” whispered to me, slightly muffled by my cock which she swallowed seemingly out of gratitude, making me moan as her hot wet mouth engulf my cock once more.

Onto sex, she got the condom on and lubed up, then it was go time. We started in doggy, nice and slow as we worked out a rhythm, her ass clapping against my hips as we hastened our pace. After a while, I pushed her down so she was lying flat on the bed, and pumped in and out of her from that angle, which doubled her ass cheeks as a cock massager, but limits the amount of penetration. It felt great personally, to each their own.

As I felt myself getting closer, we changed to mish and I started to pound her earnestly. Hooking her left leg up, I drove in and out of her relentlessly as she looked me dead in the eye and pouted, giving me little moans of encouragement, motivating me to do her harder and faster. How could I, a mere mortal, hold out much longer with a beautiful blonde petite girl while railing her, so I exploded inside her as I nuzzled her neck, savouring the feeling of her warm cunt around my stiff and sore cock.

After pulling out and cleaning up, we snuggled on the bed and talked about sweet nothings, work, home, etc. etc. We started with her on her side and stroking my chest, then she moved closer to hug me from the side while snogging me, with as much enthusiasm and passion as when we started, right until it was time for me to get up and go.

Overall, fantastic punt. Consistent excellent service throughout, Mia is no slouch in the bedroom department. A revisit is on the horizon.

20 review(s) found for ##MIA## linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Have seen Mia and her owo is excellent, she has a cracking, petite body, can be reserved but once you see her more regularly can be more chatty.

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