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Author Topic: Olivia Acton  (Read 518 times)

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Offline alan4


1 hour 120.


The girl is good, really good.
I posted my first review about Crystal a few days ago, but after visiting Olivia I almost feel like going back to Crystal and asking for a refund.

I initially tried to get Smiley Miley but she was wasting my time, kept saying call back later so I opted for Olivia instead. I drove so I don't know what station it's near but it's in Acton somewhere, nice and discreet.
She looks great, good tits, good arse, good lips and a flat tummy, I actually only turned up with 110 quid not because I'm cheap but because I didn't bother reading her adultwork profile properly.
She didn't mind and let me off, good kissing, she kisses all over and gives really good owo with deepthroat and eye contact.

Before I arrived I thought I'd try out the famous stimulant MAGNUM and fuck me it works well. Sex in multiple positions, I came once quite early but with me it doesn't make much difference and she obviously couldn't tell that I did because we kept going, changed condoms a few times. It was literally non stop sex for an hour and as we approached the last few minutes she tried very hard to get me to cum again and I appreciated that but  I don't cum too often with a condom on so it wasn't happening. She came eventually, and also got a little hurt judging by the little blood that was on the condom but that can happen during vigorous sex.

I cant say anything about her conversational skills because we didn't really have time to talk(thank you Magnum) but yeah she's very good in bed, enthusiastic, gets into it, gorgeous and that mirror next to the bed...genius.

If I was the kind of guy who did repeat visits I would definitely see her again.

23 review(s) found for Olivia* linked to in above post (23 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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