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Author Topic: Sofia - Lincoln  (Read 2226 times)

4 review(s) for sofia01 (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

(not sure if Lincoln is considered to be East Midlands - I'll let the admins be the judge of that).

https://www.adultwork.com/2079422 https://www.adultwork.com/sofia01

1 hour - £110 paid

Sofia is a stunning black lady who had been on my Hot List ever since I had a Hot List. She does not work from any specific base, but tours in various locations most weeks. Consequently, today's location - Lincoln - is fairly irrelevant in that it's just one of the many places she visits. Most of her availability seems to be in the north, so when she announced a vaguely Midlands-based visit, I jumped at the chance.

The venue was a plush rented apartment in a beautiful part of the old town, with paid-for parking just opposite. Communications were brief, polite and to the point, but quite satisfactory. Sofia greeted me wearing a figure-hugging red dress and heels. She's a tall, slim, curvy girl and looked incredible. My presiding memory of the whole occasion was how warm and welcoming she was. She quelled my nerves with great ease and seemed more friendly and interested in me than I could possibly have hoped. She offered me a hot drink on arrival, which I accepted on this occasion as I'd had quite a long drive.

Down to business, kissing was light but sensual. Her touch was amazing - she knew exactly how to push my buttons. I was invited to undress her, and her body is very much that represented in her AW pics. Being a fan of big breasts I was of course in heaven in that respect - much fondling, licking and sucking ensued. My cock was as angry as it gets before she even started touching me down there, and once she did it got even better. Although oral was performed with condom on, I have to say it made no difference - Sofia gave me the best oral I've had to date. She went deep and hard, gagging on me, everything, really sustained pleasure, while I pleasured her and earned gratifying moans from her, as she explained her own likes.

Sex was long (for me!) and we veered from gentle movements to animal thrashing - all thoroughly enjoyed. I started off in missionary, and then mounted her from behind. She rose up a few times so I was able to reach round to grab those big breasts. Sofia came twice, or so she told me, and I like to finish in missionary so we reverted to that for my climax. Because I'd never been with a non-white girl before, the whole occasion had a sense of 'newness' for me, which certainly added to the excitement.

There was no clock-watching from Sofia, and we ended our time together with more animated chat and a lovely massage. (I was invited to have another pop, but I can never do that, sadly). Overall I was very happy and felt that the £110 was very reasonable and competitive. She also confirmed that she does 45-min appointments for £90 which is something I might do in future.

4 review(s) found for sofia01 linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ipunter

Not sure about admins, but Lincoln is a part of the East Midlands

Offline CoolTiger

Not sure about admins, but Lincoln is a part of the East Midlands


Also, for UKP Review purposes, Admin has also classified Lincolnshire as part of the East Midlands.

Offline Ipunter

Now that's settled.

The review is good and I may make a booking with this lady. Just not to sure about the fake boobs...

Glad you enjoyed yourself with Sofia, when she makes a return to Birmingham I will be revisiting.

Offline hitman33

Good and fair report, I've seen Sofia twice now, stunning, well mannered and elegant beauty, boobs are great by the way, feel perfectly natural and weighty and they are huge and a very tall and slender frame, not a pse but good gfe.

Saw her in Sheffield recently for a 2hr incall, and can definitely say it was money well spent.

Not only is she smoking hot body wise, but she really knows her stuff. We went through a whole gamut of positions and favourite things (O,RO, DFK, mish,CG, RCG, and finishing off in Doggy Style), and she made me explode like a bloody fountain....  :D

Not only that, but with my RO, she was wet as anything, and came twice due to my tongue working its magic...mm,yummy

I can't wait to see her again as it was one of the most intense, passionate, and best times  I've had in the 5 years I've been punting - either in a parlour like GFE or Sandys, or with an Indy...

If she's reading this or you see her, pass this on, and tell her to get her her beautiful ass back to my home town..

(God.. I'm hard just thinking about another round of naughty fun with her..  :D )
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I've seen Sofia twice and had to stop because I fell in love. She is by far the most beautiful, fun, witty, sexy, gorgeous escort I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I keep trying to pluck up the courage to book her again but am afraid of how it will affect me. Every minute spent with her is sex, even when you are just chatting. She puts the meaning of GFE on to a different level. She is full on in bed and does like reverse O. That really gets her going. As above there is an endless stream of different positions but she does like doggy.....

Rating out of 10:

Looks - Stunning........15
Body  - To die for........15
Performance - OMG....15


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