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Author Topic: Anyone visited Hanover red light district?  (Read 473 times)

I was lucky enough to visit a well known show in Hanover and with the hotel being only 5 mins away from the red light district, it was a no brainer not to go.

I thought I would have a mosey on down as I have never been to a red light area.
So they have around 3 streets where there are clubs, pubs and kind of like apartment blocks.
You see quite a few blokes going into the blocks so thought I would have a look.
So they consist of around 5-6 floors, each floor contains anything from 6 to 20 rooms.
When you walk down the corridors some of them have girls sitting on stools outside their rooms whereas others are sat on their beds waiting for you.
I really couldn't believe my eyes when I was walking past half naked girls who are just there to fuck.
They cost around €60 for a cum twice service...

Why cant the UK have something like this??? Or maybe it does and I am not aware, please do spill if you know where there is something like this in the UK.


Offline raylondoner

They are known as ''Eros Centres'' and can be found in most major German cities - unfortunately we don't have anything like this, at least that I'm aware of. The nearest we have is probably Soho, which isn't really that similar since the goods are not on display outside. :hi:
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Offline Jerboa

€60 fook me when did the prices go up?

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