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    Author Topic: What a complete farce !!  (Read 955 times)

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    This 'WG' was in the NE this morning ,now she is in Finchley, must have a fast car. I messaged 'her' as it was an obvious fake. Email hasn't been read.
    4'4" -height !!
    Platinum hair, yet pics show a pic of someone with long dark hair !!
    This is my big gripe with AW at the minute, obvious fake profiles are being accepted, hence my decision to revert to agency girls after more than 20 yrs with indies, thank god for Allure. Got 2 great meets this week. :yahoo:

    I read somewhere that some WGs change their hometowns, normally at weekends, just to keep punters at bay.

    Online AnthG

    Its definitely a case of the photos are nicked. Here is where she stole them from

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