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Author Topic: Nina - Poni Thai Nottingham  (Read 807 times)

19 review(s) for Poni Hot Thai Orchid (13 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Iloveoral

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So I'm a bit ahead of everyone on this one, she isn't on the web yet, literally just arrived as I got there, had to wait for her to get changed :)

Fee: £60 / 30 mins
The comms: always great talking to Poni never an issue
Location: always very clean, tidy, safe.
Girl: very slim size 6-8, very petite, tight sexy arse, good figure, massive stiff fake tits lol, face.... I wouldn't say ugly and I wouldn't say stunning, but certainly fuckable :)

The action: hmmm... No kissing at all, she starts rubbing your cock then puts it between her tits, good start, bangers a wellie on and sucks well, both stages of that were fairly quick, few minutes of each and then she gets on top and starts riding...at this point I've realised there was no opportunity to give RO...... after a few minutes tells me it's my turn to go on top... The sex was good, unfortunately packing 12" of man sausage into a petite thai girl has always been tricky and she let me know... Several times, I was soaked in ky gel frequently to the point it was struggling to feel the pussy warmth.
There's was no doggy as she said it was too big, mish seemed rushed, I could tell she wanted it over so gave a few big bangs before the big boom and settled for a massage for the rest of my time, when she told me time was up and I got dressed and back to the car only to realise (looking at the car park ticket) I'd only been gone 25 mins including walking to and from the place...
Usually it doesn't feel like this and the services of Em and Wanifer have been much much more pleasurable.

Pro's: big tits, sexy figure, clean place, easy to park etc.
Con's: felt a bit rushed, no kissing, doesn't take a foot long schlong, didn't get chance to RO
Revisit: probably not to see this girl but the place certainly a yes

The rota of girls is getting organised, if you miss this girl this week she is back again on the 25th she tells me, so I'd guess the other recent faces will be about again soon

For all of you like me that have visited and wouldn't mine a crack on the boss, I did ask her and it was a no hahaha can't blame a bloke for trying :)

19 review(s) found for Poni Hot Thai Orchid linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

Struggling to find this a positive. Seems more of a neutral.

Offline Iloveoral

The place itself is usually great, woman running it very polite and welcoming, staff usually better, maybe she just don't like a long length or she wasn't really settled in as she just arrived, the sex was ok and she does have a sexy slim body, huge tits, I wouldn't say it was a bad experience by a long shot, just in comparison to previous visits it was lacking a bit of passion and felt no connection only a quick fuck.

There's always next weeks girl  :lol:

I'd be really interested in other people's opinion on this one, if you visit place write a review or reply here

Offline Steptoe

As suggested by the OP I think the key is in the expression "literally just arrived as I got there, had to wait for her to get changed". 

I do not know Nina, but will discuss things noted by the OP with Poni (a friend) and I am sure that will be the reason.  I have close links with girls at another place, close enough to get involved in their chatter and banter, and I know that when a "new" girl arrives they like a bit of time to find out how the place operates, where the facilities are located etc - not just through the door and get yer knickers down.


Online X3 Guy


When will Wanifer be returning,looks like I will be saving myself for her!


Offline Iloveoral

Totally agree matey she was in the bathroom as I arrived, Poni handed her the sexy stuff for her to get changed into, i was certainly her first customer, It could also have been nerves on her part....

Again not all petite girls take a wide load well hehe

Previous visits there have always been 110% so I certainly will return

Steptoe : I asked Poni if she was up for a bit of fun she said she was the mummy, I offered to play mummy's and daddy's and got a laugh but that's all hehe lovely lady!!!

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