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Author Topic: Prettiest feet in the South West? :D  (Read 750 times)

Ok Ok, so I woke up this morning, and I was like…"hmmmmm yeah why not, let me ask the boys if anyone's got a foot fetish down south and met any massueses or escorts who have gorgeous feet? :)

Can't say I know of any girls in Bristol with pretty feet...............for foot fetish punters it is very difficult to get a WG who properly understands what it is all about. If you know your porn look at Viv Thomas videos, all his models had perfect, sexy feet...........hugely erotic, but I digress...............

Im not into feet myself , but You could check out Samantha Gray on AW. She's attractive all round. I met her way back. BUT Her recent profile since I met her says that she offers bareback. I'm not into that either. But I think she means the man is bare back and she wears a femidom. If you like shagging a crisp packet.

Not sure about the BB info although her profile says she does but FAQ's say no. I can however clarify that Samantha grey does indeed have lovely feet. Loz, based in Gloucester does too although doesn't really offer a full on foot fetish service.

Offline Andyply

Definitely the gorgeous Jaycee of Plymouth, she wore heels which had no sides so I could slip a finger inside and play with the soles of her small, stockinged feet whilst receiving owo, doesn't get much better.  :yahoo:

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