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Author Topic: Stella, Reading  (Read 3189 times)

5 review(s) for Stella of Reading (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Cunning Punt

https://www.adultwork.com/1333330 or https://www.adultwork.com/Stella+of+Reading

Although fairly local to me, this was the first time I had seen Stella, both because she has next-to-no AW feedback and her limited availability (she just works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays - and then only until 7pm).

Then I joined UKP, so, firstly, thanks to those members of the forum who have recommended Stella and the details of location and parking in previous posts.

Although she is well known to many on this forum and have been a couple of "mentions in dispatches", I couldn't find all a full review that was all that recent, so here you go, for what it's worth.

In short, the review is, on balance, a positive, though with some caveats.

Date: Sunday, May 10
Fee: 30min @ £60

Comms: Stella doesn't seem to do texts at all, either sending or receiving, so everything is done by phone. Not sure if she does advance bookings, though she does suggest, on her profile, that sending an email as an alternative.
However, my gut feeling is that it is largely a case of calling on the day for a booking and you either get hold of her or you don't.
I had called her on previous Sundays but didn't manage to get hold of her, though struck lucky today - phoned at lunchtime and arranged a half-hour booking 2hrs later. She told me to go to Cemetery Junction in Reading and then call her. I called her when parked; she answered straightaway and gave me the full address.

Location/venue: Fortunately, I had read the previous posts and know the area well, because Cemetery Junction is a major junction where you can't just stop and park. As previous posters have said, you go to Palmer Park Stadium, about quarter of a mile up Wokingham Road from the junction and parking is free. Stella works from a house in a road by the stadium field (look out for Bart's pub).
Other members have made much about the house that Stella works from, saying it is a something of a tip. However, she clearly has had a spring clean because the exterior was clear of rubbish and the interior, including bedroom, were tidy. I didn't use the bathroom so couldn't comment.

Looks: Stella is a very attractive Czech girl, fairly tall (about 5' 7") with slim body and nice, smallish breasts. Stated age of 26 is probably accurate and she has long blonde hair and quite prominent cheekbones.
In a nutshell: A poor man's Cameron Diaz.

Personality: Stella is friendly and welcoming and speaks excellent English.

FK (sort of)
Oral on her
Sex in cowgirl
I didn't opt for extras, though I understand OWO is £20+ and CIM £40+ though perhaps one of her regulars could confirm.
When she said it was £100 for half an hour with CIM and £140 for an hour, I assumed that was total, rather than extra!

The meeting itself:
Went in, led to bedroom, handed over paperwork and she disappeared for a couple of minutes.
Like many members on this forum, I do like FK and sometimes DFK. Stella's kissing certainly did not constitute DFK and was barely FK - brief kissing with tongue and then pulling away a couple of seconds later on no more than two occasions.
Stella asked me if I wanted a massage, but I prefer this at the end. She started with a bit of foreplay, sitting astride me and moved back and forth over my cock, playing with my balls and then switching that with rubbing her breasts over my now very erect member.
All very pleasant, but after only a couple of minutes went to reach for the condom - a bit too early, so I asked if I could give her oral, which I did for a few minutes. She made a few appreciable moans, but not sure she was really into this and, even though I was fairly gentle, she did gently push my head back on a couple of occasions.

Next, she put on the rubber and proceeded with some nice OW (OWO is extra), followed by some nice cowgirl. She is fairly tight and I pop quickly, so I had to control myself exploding on entry.
Stella gave good eye contact throughout, which, in my experience, is extremely rare with a WG.

After this, there was a post-coital back dry massage, with no oil or cream offered. She then finished, patted me on the back to basically say time was up, though it was a few minutes shy of half an hour.

Attractive girl with nice body
Friendly and welcoming
Speaks good English
Seems to enjoy sex and her job
Good eye contact throughout
Nice house and location in discreet area with free parking
Half-hour rate of £60 for a vanilla punt is good value, IMO, but...

Rate can stack up with extras
Lack of proper kissing

At the beginning of the meeting, I was kicking myself that I hadn't tried to book an hour, bearing in mind she was attractive and had begun with some nice foreplay.
However, towards the end, I thought half an hour for a first meeting with Stella was about right.
£60 for a nice, half-hour meeting with an attractive girl is VFM and ensured my positive rating. However, if I had paid £20 extra for OWO and this had been as average as some previous posters suggest, then I would have felt slightly short-changed at £80 for the half-hour. I, personally, wouldn't pay £100/£140 with CIM.

While Stella seemed to be enjoying our time and was fairly "into it", I did get a slight sense she was going through the motions somewhat, without giving the overt impression she was.
Also, while she is not a clockwatcher, I felt she was trying to move things along a bit too quickly.
Saying that, this could be just my impression and performance during the meeting - after all, it "takes two to tango".
It could be that in future, in a full-hour meeting and knowing each other a bit better, I may get more out of Stella and the experience.

5 review(s) found for Stella of Reading linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline king tarzan

she is paid for gfe.... you are paying her for gfe....
she did not deliver.... neutral just missing negative i would say..

Offline wiltsman

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, i looked for the latest review I could find to reply to.  Stella was one of my all time favourites, and certainly the best value for money!  Her profile seems to have disappeared, does anyone know if she is still around ie with a new profile?   

https://www.adultwork.com/959974 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anna+of+Berkshire
Her new profile is Anna of Berkshire. Still working from the same house. She sometimes advertises on Viva Street.  Told me she had to change her profile because of an obsessive punter.

Offline wiltsman

Great, thanks GK!  Oh and I promise I wasn't the obsessive punter, although I was certainly a fan!  Shame she's still working from that same house, that was the only bad bit of the overall experience!   :(

Her profile has gone from AW, but is still on Viva Street.

Could you send the link please? Cannot find it? Thanks

She has removed her Anna of Berkshire profile from AW & put it on Viva Street with more photos.


Offline berksboy

She still looks hot as and at £60 for 1/2 is good VFM . Does she still work out of the tiger house ?

She is still at the house opposite Palmer Park.

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