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Author Topic: Smiley Cindy SW6  (Read 1435 times)

39 review(s) for Smiley Sindy (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline mrhappypants

https://www.adultwork.com/1718704 or https://www.adultwork.com/Smiley+Sindy


Uniform, FK, OWO, HR, Penetration (reverse cowgirl), prostate massage, dirty talk, CIM £100 One hour

The last punt before a family holiday is a particularly delicate and critical affair.  Played right and I will depart with the sack empty and already chilled for the week ahead.  Played wrong and it will be a week to reflect on the missed opportunity.  My local punting strategy (8’s facially and physically, reasonably long list of services, 30 years old or less and less than £120 ph, local vicinity preferred) has it’s risks.  So for this one I stepped out of prescription and applied some of valuable lessons learned courtesy of you kind gentlemen on UKP.

Coms were pretty terrible to be honest.  First thing to note is that Sindy does not use the green light availability system on adultwork.  On the one occasion I tried contacting her before she was responsive. I understand now that a lack of confidence in speaking on the telephone means she much prefers to communicate by text.  This isn’t without it’s problems as her written comprehension is limited and she is using google translate.  Worse, she never actually confirmed so when I had got to the local station (about 10 minutes away) I sent her a text letting her know that I had called and texted repeatedly with no response and if she did not confirm in the next 10 minutes I would consider it cancelled.  I got a further grumpy response confirming.  This girl must lose a lot of business this way and it keeps her prices down… I can’t tell you what hours she works but I emailed two other alternatives at the start of the day and she was the first to reply. 

Sindy is recognisable from the photos and an attractive middle aged women.  I won’t be recommending her to Yttezru as a replacement for Sophie A, but if the idea of fucking someone over 40 does not fill you with horror she is fine. 

She is dressed as requested - I cannot tell you how rare I find this.  She has fine bones and good teeth.  She had not really understood my service request but she does a good job after we talk it through.  A couple of things

The bj is outstanding - as good as Sensual Brigit and dirtier.  She is less massage and more penis.  She does not mind talking dirty and is good at it.  I also agree with the other reviews that she was absolutely trying to give me the best possible service she could within the range of what she felt comfortable with. If you are after a naughty milf she should be on your list.

I warmed to her personally.  She has seen life and I found her an interesting conversationalist.

If you are clear on what's on offer I have no reservation in recommending her.



39 review(s) found for Smiley Sindy linked to in above post (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Online SamLP

Good to hear you enjoyed the punt with Sindy.

I saw her recently after a long time. I had changed my punting number so she asked if I had come before, so I gave her the nickname she had given me. She asked if I could come 15 minutes earlier than I had arranged, but sadly I was running late and ended up arriving 15 minutes late from the time I had originally booked. I still ended up overstaying by 10 minutes but had to leave as she was expecting another client and she was apologising and saying that's why she had asked if I could come earlier. Top girl IMO and delivers a very good service.

Offline Rust

Good review.
Which one of her pics looks the most like her currently?

Nice observations 'She has fine bones and good teeth.'

Offline mrhappypants

All her photos are flattering but recognisable.  She does not look younger than her stated age. She has a bit of tummy and loose skin - hence my comments about someone over 40. 


Nice observations 'She has fine bones and good teeth.'

Like selling cattle or a slave at the market. Trader brings Cindy up to the platform... 'She has fine bones and good teeth.'

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