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Author Topic: "xx Amazing Mia xx" - 1hr hotel Outcall, Fri 8th May. Decent enthusiastic GFE  (Read 3892 times)

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Yeah I saw the previous amazing mia too - lovely girl but she had blue eyes - this one has brown apparently? Just doesn't look like her tbh - wish it was though!

Quite. I saw the 'original' one maybe three or four times. Top bird.

Like a lot of these EE prossies though, she's not a 'career' tart, and was here for maybe a year, lying low, living frugally, and squirreling as much money away as she could, so she could resume her career progress towards being a pharmacist or architect or whatever.

Hence I think it's always going to be a cold day in hell before we see most of them again. Shame. But then again, there's always a new one just off the bus.

Sorry chap, had a different experience to you. Horses, courses and all that.

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