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Author Topic: ZARA / JULIA - Big titted Thai slut  (Read 676 times)

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Goes by the name Zara or Julia on various agency websites. This punt took place in a grotty Notting hill flat, but acceptable once inside.

Overall, not a great punt. Lets go through the essentials.

The photos, while heavily photoshopped, are a good approximation and she really is that slim. Zara has a tight, smoking hot body with a well done boob job. They are fake pornstar like, soft and pendulous but definitely bags of fun if she lets you touch them. Unfortunately she held back quite a bit from letting me kiss and touch her body and tits. Face on the photos is accurate, I would say she is late 20s- into 30s but sometimes its quite hard to tell with SE asian girls.

Very meh, vanilla ...did the basics such as BJ, cow girl, doggy, but without the full on porn star fuck the shit brains out of me that I get with other WGs. Not impressed with her using baby wipes on her pussy and nipples before sex, makes me wonder if she bothered showering for this booking. However, she did smell fresh with good hygiene.

Demeanor not so good, she held back quite a bit from me touching that smoking hot body and doing whatever I want. Even after cumming about half way through it was quite clear in her behaviour she wanted me out asap even though I had quite a bit of time left. I asked for massage and some post sex touching and her tits in my face, got that for about 30 secs then she got up putting lingerie back on. I told her to come back to the bed, take it off and continue but instead got more excuses and shit. 

Not on...a solid negative just for behaving like this.

£100 for the half hour (typical agency rate), glad I did this because 1h would certainly be a waste.

Smoking hot body. Great tits. Acceptable sex. Unacceptable service.

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