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Author Topic: Lisa - 70a Berwick Street - Upper Flat - Friday  (Read 3492 times)

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Offline SWLondon

Nipped into Soho after work and before meeting friends for a drink (I love London!)

I did 'Soho Roulette' (first free door) and met the lovely Lisa.

Lisa is Czech and is about 5ft9, blonde, late 20's, size 12, and very pretty.  She has medium size tits and a great figure.  I was just going in for a BJ but as soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to fuck her.  £30 for BJ and sex +£2 tip for the maid.

The (covered) BJ was excellent so much so I nearly blew my week and half load there and then, I had to get her to stop!  I then got her to lay down for some miss sex, she was making all the right noises.  I played with her tits for a bit whilst shagging  her and eventually came inside her (in the mac).

All in all she was an excellent shag, very pretty, and probably my top Soho experience so far. She has excellent English and we put the worlds to rights about life and politics whilst we were cleaning up and getting dressed. I will return!

Offline Matty24579

I have seen Lisa a couple of times very pleasent girl very attractive too  ;)

Offline droplet

Whats the procedure for these places?

I walked past it and i saw a small corridor leading to the back. No one was outside. I didnt go in....there was no description outside

Offline closeshave

Walk in go to a door

Knock or ring

Maid let's you in


Read wiki thread

I have seen Lisa a few times and can vouch for her. Decent looking, tall, firm body and friendly.
Probably in Soho's best 3 at the moment, along with Nicky at Newport Court and Nadia in 70a and Romilly St

Yep Lisa is pretty very chatty and a good shag.Nicky you can certainly say the same.Normally when im visiting Soho now im super horny and know all i need is a BJ and thats why i head for Sabrina her technique is very good.

Offline Matty24579

I saw Lisa back in November last year and had a great time with her she is good at giving handjobs and she put the condom on it must been a thin condom as I could feel her mouth sucking through it and I think Lisa must have a sensitive vagina as I came nicely.

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