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Author Topic: hornyhottie2015 Anyone seen her?  (Read 1981 times)

Offline elihd


I booked this girl for tomorrow. Profile looks genuine. Any of you punters seen her? no review or info about her on UKP. Thanks

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Offline chico1000

There is if you just stick in Hornyhottie on its own you will find her.  She is a member of UKP and involved in a little dispute with some members in the north east about her age and price point but the members who actually saw her liked her.  On the strength of this I bought her pvt gallery and she looks very nice. Sent her an email and got a prompt reply.  Apparently working out of city centre hotels at weekends.  Not seen her but considering it.
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Offline zugjug

How did it go - she is on my hotlist !

Offline elihd

@zugjug I had to cancel the appointment as something came up that day preventing me to go :( I probably will try book her soon and will let you know.

Offline elihd

Thanks taz I always go with your recommendation. Thanks for sharing :drinks:

Thanks taz I always go with your recommendation. Thanks for sharing :drinks:

Yeah she really is good.....not sure why she has slipped under the radar .....I think some guys been keeping quiet about her and keeping to themselves lol....

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