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Author Topic: One for the IT guys  (Read 783 times)

Offline mrhappypants

Apologies for the rather unhelpful title to this thread.  I want to make others aware of this problem but without attracting TOO much attention.  A week ago I booked SEX LOVER KAMILA near Kings Cross and got royally mucked around. 

I want to write a review but here is the problem.  She appears to only maintain a mobile profile (no desk top) so I cannot link to her profile.  Worse, I cannot find her profile by searching for her name on the mobile site. 

1) very interested if anyone can show how to get round this.
2) it looks deliberate - is she deliberately trying to stop people linking to her profile thereby preventing reviews?


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Offline mrhappypants

??? Thats her!  Weird she has not been coming up in searches for a week on the desk top site for me. 

Thanks review to follow.


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