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Author Topic: Chloeprice Adultwork #2815744 -Touring Scottish @ Cambridge CB1 2FG pimped flats  (Read 1036 times)

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Chloeprice https://www.adultwork.com/2815744 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chloeprice

Chloe substituted her sister Olivia when during my 2hr session Olivia aborted due to 'feeling unwell'. In this review I will only describe my time with Chloe. I will not repeat the negative events that took place at the end of the session with my confrontation with the girls' pimp and I will not describe again the location and the pimped premises. For these please read my review about Olivia: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=56007.0

Physical --- Looks: 8/10, Body: 8.5/10
+ She is 19 and she will soon become 20. She is one year older than her sister Olivia.
+ She has a cracking pair of 32E/30F natural boobs. If you are a boobs man you will certainly love them.
+ Pics are accurate. She is as slim in the pics. According to what she told me she goes to the gym 4 times per week. It is obvious that she works out her body and she is fit. She wears size 6 and it would perhaps be size 4 if her bust was smaller. Really great figure.
+ The pictures are faceless but compared to her sister, Chloe is better looking. If Olivia is 7.5/10 then Chloe is 8/10. Delicate, feminine facial features. Nice big juicy lips and nice smile.
She is quite petite.  Without heels she told me she is 4 feet 11.5 inches. My type is taller girls and actually Chloe was the first girl under 5ft that I have ever had sex with. Anyway I can't complain about this as it is stated in her profile. I wouldn't normally choose to meet such a short girl but given the circumstances of substitution I didn't really bother about her height. She was wearing high heels anyway and with them she was about 5 feet 6 inches.
Profiles of both sisters say they are English. But they are Scottish. Not a problem for me but it may be for others. The only explanation I can come up with for them lying about their nationality, especially considering how proud Scots are, is for better anonymity as not many Scottish escorts are based in England.

Experience --- 5/10
+ Bubbly personality. Unlike her younger sister, Chloe is a warm and cheerful girl. Naughty too. I am glad that her moody sister Olivia aborted the session and Chloe replaced her. Chloe is quite an airhead like her idol Katie Price but she is a lot of fun to be with.
+ Fingering was permitted. She seemed to get off with it. Note however that fingering was perhaps part of the paid reverse oral £40 extra.
+ She didn't rush me to cum although she did ask me why ‘it took me long’.
Blowjob and sex were OK.
No deep-throating.
x She is an expert time-waster. First it took her 5mins to come to the room to announce me that her sister could not continue and took her another 5mins to return after I agreed with her to replace Olivia. Also frequent toilet visits or having to go out of the bedroom to grab something. She managed to waste another 10mins that way. Also she likes to chat the time away. She managed to waste a further 15mins that way and I had to stop her chatting quite a few times to do some sucking or shagging instead. So from the 75mins with her the time she was present in the room was 55mins and the time spent on sexual activities was around 40mins.
x Greedy extras for basic services. Profile makes absolutely no reference to extras. Extras: FK & RO: £40, COB: £30 (unexpected), OWO: £50 (taking the piss). To her credit the £40 extra that I paid to Olivia for FK and RO was transferred so splitting it in half it was like I paid £20. She also proposed to offer OWO and COB at a slightly discounted price (still ridiculously high though so I opted not to take either of them).   
x FK was not proper FK. It was lips only with some almost non-existent tongue interaction. She had no problem though doing this kissing as much as I wanted.
x No ball licking. I bet it is extra.
x No CIM. Facials are perhaps extra £50. Same as her sister basically. But I wasn't expecting any of these services anyway.
x As soon as the normal time ended she left the room having previously got dressed. I came while she was dressing after masturbation in one of the most anti-climactic cummings ever. I then went to have a shower and the events with Olivia unfold.

Final words
Chloe is certainly a better overall experience than her sister Olivia. She is more attractive as well. I can't say I had a truly bad time with her. I actually enjoyed her company. However it was a pretty expensive time considering what I paid and what I got. Given that about half the time was not sexual or wasted I think it was worth paying only £100 per hour. Not £160 per hour +£40. I believe £150 for an hour would be reasonable for Chloe if she was not such a time waster and if the basic extras of RO, FK and COB were included in the fee and if OWO was like £20 extra instead of £50. It is a shame that she is so greedy and lazy as otherwise I really liked her. The pimp incident at the end was inexcusable but Chloe didn't have any involvement. It was only Olivia. Overall I can't recommend either of the two sisters but if you choose to disregard my warnings about their modus operandi as well as choose to ignore the existence of the twat they have for a pimp and go for one of the two then at least make the better choice and pick up Chloe. Avoid Olivia at all costs.
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Thanks for the warning! Superb detail...an asset to the forum...keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:


Thanks for the warning! Superb detail...an asset to the forum...keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:

+1 - Off my HL

Thanks for sharing

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