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Author Topic: Lady P Sutton Brunch  (Read 2491 times)

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Offline TallnHung

Well, after a few recommendations here and a pointer on how to contact Lady P from here I figured it was best to go and have a look when I had an unexpected day off.

At this party were:
Kim (the well known on the party scene Kimberley Scott),
Zara (Dark haired, Tall, Slim, Tattoo'd sexy party girl - didn't wear a lot),
Saffron (Blonde, huge (enhanced) boobs, Tattoo's, Sexy Jordan/Katie Price lookalike - wore neoprene basque, lycra/pvc outfit).

I arrived just after the start time of 11 and paid Simon the £70 (was supposed to be £75) fee and was shown around.  The house in Sutton is a well known party house and all sorts of parties happen there.  They also have a dungeon, used by a couple on the day but I didn't see any of that action - too busy.  There were a few guys already there and whilst there were enough it didn't ever feel overcrowded for anyone that I noticed.

The usual chat in the kitchen ensued, with Zara and Saffron.  I recognised Saffron from Killergram (She's Sylvia Bond on there) and she looked stunning in heels, tight fitting neoprene corset and very sexy lycra/pvc stockings.  Her tits are massive, loved that and she has just looks built for fucking.  Also in there was Zara whose a laugh a minute, very sexy and comes across as up for anything.  We all had a good chat for 15 minutes before we all got invited upstairs.

Of course Zara and Saffron had plenty followers and by the time I'd dropped my jacket off they were busy so I went to see Kim, who was just getting ready.  She is a great lady, good fun and my god she can suck cock.  She went to town on me like nothing Ive seen before.  Loads of sucking, licking and worshipping cock before another punter arrived adn started to eat her pussy from behind whilst she sucked me.  eventually he got into a bag and started fucking her which had her making all the right noises and having at least 2 orgasms that just had her sucking me even harder.  I couldnt have thanked him enough.  Eventually he was spent, she bagged me up and rode me to a very nice cum in the bag.

After a nibble (decent Chilli and Rice) I popped back up and chatted to the guys and Zara and Saffron before Saffron beckoned me over for a blowjob.  Well with those tits out and her sucking my cock I was soon hard and ready to cum.  I didnt want to shoot too soon so moved aside for the next guy to take a blowjob whilst Saffron alternately sucked him and me with spit and wet handjobs in between.  Well, I wasnt going to last long and asked where she wanted it.  Both of us lined up to give her a coating on her tits and gave her a good soaking.  Cumshot 2 done and not even 90 minutes gone.

More chat whilst the girls chilled and then down for food, I pooped back up early and availed myself of a good deepthroat blowjob from Kim who was more than willing for me to shoot all over her tits and neck.  Just how I like it.

By now we were into the last hour or so and I had a nice chat with Zara before she beckoned me upstairs.  Saffron and a couple of other guys followed, by now only a handful of us left.  I had another blowjob from Saffron this time on my back (I somehow last longer that way) whilst I played with her tits.  Another guy was fucking her and Zara had 1 in mouth one in her pussy from behind.  Thinking time was tight I opted for splashing all over Saffron's chest again this time with a nice wet titfuck from her to completion.

My clothes were in the 1st room with Kim so in I went to dress when I noticed the time (still 20 minutes) and Kim looking in need.  What to do.  Well a very intense blowjob followed with Kim kneeling in front of me.  She seems to really enjoy sucking cock (she told me later she'd been off the scene for a while and this was her 1st for a while and she was really enjoying it again) so I just sat there and watched her sucking, licking wanking and deepthroating me.  I eventually worked out no matter the blowjob intensity I wasnt going to cum unless I fucked her, so for the last 15 minutes we fucked hard and fast before I eventually did cum again - dry shot that one.

In all 4 hours, 3 hot women, porn fucking, fun and laughter, great guys and only £70 I'd say its very cost effective and also a great afternoon out too.  Everything you need is there, you can fuck as much or as little as you want, the women are great at what they do and I cant say enough good stuff about it.  Its the first party Ive done in a while where I think I could have done more and end up having a wank once home to finish the job ;)

Will I go again, youre fucking right I will, I just wish they were more frequent than monthly ;)

Offline newcummer

After reading this im totally gutted, only spotted this late last night and forgot about it this morning to check i had a reply from lady p at 10:30, too late plus didnt know what the calibre of girls would be like.  Well I know now dont I!  :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline Riprock

Hi, can you share the contact details & how many punters turned up in the end?


Offline davidgood

Hi Tallnhung,

Pleased you managed to get there and more importantly had a good time. And seem to have got a small discount!!! Lucky fella.

I know Kim and Saffie/Sylvia  to be good party girls, but do not know Zara, unless she goes under another name.

My review of the 2nd of April party is not linking to your review, probably as there is no AW link.

However the link I gave in my review to Fabswingers seems to be defunct now.

As I have had PMs wanting info, here is another link;-


As I have explained to others, these parties have been running regularly for sometime and are popular so the organisers do not bother with too much advertising.



Offline Dan 33

Hi there nice review. If not far from the house in sutton and have been there for other party's.
Where can I find out about this party, how to book and when they are on?

Thanks  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Offline davidgood

Hi there nice review. If not far from the house in sutton and have been there for other party's.
Where can I find out about this party, how to book and when they are on?

Thanks  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
If you follow the link in my post above yours it will lead you to the info you want.



Offline Riprock

Anyone else been to this brunch?  There's another coming up soon.



Could some kind person out there please provide me with a working internet link to the mysterious 'Lady P' and her Sutton parties.

Since the sad demise of Pam's Parties, and the loss of his beloved Diane, poor old Dirty Bull is getting more and more despondent.
He urgently needs a replacement party.

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