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Author Topic: Leah of Diamonds  (Read 937 times)


Saw this profile. Was seconds away from booking to TOFTT so to speak, but just stopped myself for a reverse image search.

Came up with 131 instances including http://www.cityoflove.com/detail.aspx?lang=en-US&dID=59375&dStaffID=0&Digest=XFaO2usHXhDNW57HV4wY+Q&c=548

I'm sure she is very pretty, she probably isn't, however, the nationality advertised, but with the prospect of her not even giving oral nor FK then I am sure her stay will be, like her services, limited.

I may be doing her a disservice, but thought it might be helpful for those thinking of booking. Pity, it's a lovely photo.

Offline AnthG

Pity, it's a lovely photo.

Its a really nice photo, but its kind of worthless if its not of her. Thanks for finding this as I was curious about seeing her too due to that photo of her.

If its of any help I have been told a couple of times when I have reported this to Diamonds in the past that they just always put up the phtoto's that the girl gives them until they arrange a photoshoot. So this will be Leah herself who has tried it on using this fake photo.

Offline johnr1

she is not the girl on the Diamonds site so that photo is fake! however she is still ok good at her job and keen to please. possibly will have some real photos on the site soon?, don't know why they put false photos on the site it catches them out  then of to a bad start, she does OWO and very good at it the nice sloppy kind of BJ's which I like but you must be nice and clean or its a no go and that should be fine with everybody, hope that little bit of info helps
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