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Author Topic: Lana Lust back in Southampton  (Read 1694 times)

Offline nigel4498

Lana Lust https://www.adultwork.com/2393239
Is back in Southampton until Friday, fully booked today (Wednesday)
Defo the best SP the area and worth a visit but typical of my luck this year I am in Croydon looking after my sick sister until Monday so I missed out again. :cry:

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Offline nigel4498

Looking like she is fully booked anyhow now as she has hidden her profile again.

Offline Hantsolo

Looking like she is fully booked anyhow now as she has hidden her profile again.


I agree, she is a top girl and one I've only had the pleasure of twice so far.

Hopefully she'll be back more regularly Nigel!

Looking like she is fully booked anyhow now as she has hidden her profile again.

Bugger, I could do with a good punt, sorry you missed out as well Nigel.


showing availability from 3pm tomorrow (Friday 14th)

Offline nigel4498

showing availability from 3pm tomorrow (Friday 14th)
Typical, off to Durham tomorrow for two weeks so missed her again  :cry:

Got all excited that I could finally visit the fabled Lana Lust but alas her profile is back to being hidden again...  :(

Offline bighands

She's back!!! Today, Weds & Thurs.

Offline bighands

And what a session I had with her  :diablo:  :wacko:

She just has to be one of the best in the south, and still £100 for an hour, or as it actually turned out 1 hour 40 minutes ... she just didn't want me to go....
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Profile gone again - and me with some time tomorrow. Bugger!!!

Aren't I the lucky Boy -seeing her tomorrow
Hope I come out alive !!!

Does anyone have any idea when Lana will be working again?

Offline vp40aa

Hi Andy.

I was booked and ready to see Lana for a very long-overdue 3rd visit earlier this month when alas I had to cancel at the very last minute (c#nts at my local car repair centre fucked me about over a courtesy car......)

Tried to re-arrange with her then and she texted to say she will be back at the end of June. - good luck.


Bilko ...any chance of a review when you've seen her ?? Notice you haven't done any reviews yet ?????

I have seen Lana maybe 5 times over the last year and have to thank other reviewers for pointing me in her direction. I concur with all the other reviews and as a member of the one-shot Senior Punters Brigade  Lana ticks all my boxes which are
Passionate Kissing
RO on a clean shaven Pussy – which she seems to enjoy
Sex in various positions finishing off with CIM which she also seems to enjoy very much
She’s a very friendly girl and I always leave very satisfied and looking forward to next meeting.

Don’t see many girls but those that I have all been from good reviews on UKP as the feedback on Adultwork is not any guide to good service - so thanks very much UKP
Just 2 negatives to date
Nigella – heavily photo-shopped real plain Jane with large tits but absolutely non-erotic personality. Kept me waiting outside for 20 mins, then wittered on about nothing for next 20mins before the inaction commenced. She had to ask how long I’d booked and then said Thank God when I said 30mins – too polite to walk at that point. https://www.adultwork.com/1148312
Hot Vicky – very remote, no emotion and continual use of wet wipes throughout and insisted I take a shower on arrival. https://www.adultwork.com/2113217

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