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Author Topic: Diamonds Gateshead venue  (Read 925 times)

Offline ld101


Without giving away the exact location, does anyone know what general area diamonds Gateshead flat is located in?

I don't drive, so is it much of a walk from Gateshead metro?

Offline AnthG

The problem with Diamonds and the generic descriptions is it seems they have multiple flats that they use as 'Diamonds Gateshead'.

I seen Zara yesterday at what they said was Diamonds Gateshead. And it was actually closer to the High level bridge than the property that they have down as Gateshead Quayside which I thought was odd at the time to be honest.

The other place they have under the name Gateshead is in Bensham.

Offline dino1990

gateshead quayside =  near jurys inn on the quayside/Baltic Quays

gateshead = around the Ochre Yards development

bensham = European girls / avoid.

Offline Tiger63

In the 90s there used to be flat on one of the Avenues in Bensham.......there was 2 blondes who worked from there and I used to pick them up and drop them in the City centre most weekends.
Couple of right chav types they were, always claimed they had no money and I was regularly treated to a BJ underneath the Redheugh bridge to pay for taxi fees.
Sadly I think one of them was killed in a car crash.
Can anyone remember them.....I can still remember the exact address.

I was at the Gateshead flat last week to see Antonia (cracking session - need to post a review). The Gateshead flat is near Ochre Yards and the room I was in had a big double bed and a corner sofa so if you get that one you'll have the opportunity to buck in all sorts of pornstar positions like I did haha  :cool: :cool: :cool:

last time I used them it was Coatsworth Road. Even then on a 9pm on dark wet night, half of Afghanistan was standing outside the adjacent shop. Not a nice place

I get the feeling they don't use that place anymore

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